5 lib lies about obamacare–45gh.,b71

Running The Numbers

Lie #1: Obamacare covers everyone! Finally, America is fair! Fact: In 2017, the failing Obamacare exchanges enrolled only 10 million people. In total, Obamacare covers 16.5 million Americans — a pitiful 5% of the current U.S. population. Five percent!

Lie #2: Repealing Obamacare will leave 22 million Americans uninsured! Fact: A whopping 28.5 million Americans are uninsured now — under Obamacare. Biggest reason: cost. Forbes puts the number of uninsured under the gop plan at just 5 million.

Lie #3: “[Obamacare] has created 130,000 jobs … with an even larger effect on employment overall.” — Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, 4/2/15 Fact: Obamacare has killed 10,000 small businesses (20-99 employees), destroyed 250,000 to 300,000 small-business jobs, and cost the U.S. economy over $50 billion

Lie #4: Repealing Obamacare means “28,000 Americans every single year could die! That is nine times more than … on 9/11, every single year!” — Bernie Sanders, 7/9/17 Fact: Liberals have it bass-ackwards. Under Obamacare, the U.S. death rate has surged — increasing over 20,000 deaths per year.

Lie #5: Obamacare is bending the cost curve downward! “Health care costs have risen at the slowest rate in 50 years!” — Nancy Pelosi, 7/6/17 Fact: Obamacare has bent the cost curve upward — over 36%since it was enacted in 2010. Cost of a basic family plan from work has soared over 49%.

source–pelosi, forbes, obama’s council of economic advisors, sanders, consumer health care spending,



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