Pelosi gives another muddled speech, confusing details and mispronouncing words–


Another strange speech by Nancy Pelosi caught the media’s attention Thursday, as the Minority Leader took the podium for her weekly press conference. Into a hot mic, she seemed to remind herself what time of day it was. “It’s afternoon. It is afternoon. Good afternoon everyone,” she began. Then, removed from her reminder by seconds, she said, “Thank you for being here. I’m honored this morning, or now afternoon…”

It went downhill from there.

Pelosi referred to a Democratic ranking member as the “chairman” before correcting herself, then denounced Republican attempts to replace Obamacare. “And what does that mean? Higher costs, fewer benefits, uh, terrible age tax undermining Medicare, uh, uh, stealing from Medicare and Medicaid, as I should have said,” she rambled, mispronouncing Medicaid.

Moving on to Russia, she continued to stutter and stumble over words and details, stating and then quickly forgetting how many states were allegedly affected.

Pelosi has made other mistakes and confusing statements recently, and as the Democrats continue to lose elections, her continued leadership is reportedly in question.

source–dennis michael lynch, kat hepherd


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