Incoming! media hit squad-


Clearly enjoying fantasizing about erasing Trump from the earth, cnn host Fareed Zakaria praised the Shakespeare in the Park production in which a Trump lookalike is assassinated onstage. “[G]o see Julius Caesar, free in Central Park, brilliantly interpreted for [the] Trump era. A masterpiece…,” Zakaria posted on Twitter.

The character assassination of Donald Trump and everybody in his orbit continues unabated. The drive-by “news” has become bs attacks, rumors, lies, and innuendo. You’re watching a hit squad, no matter the network. Some networks, like cnn and pmsnbc, are all hit squad all the time, and some networks, like Fox, just have a few assassins scattered throughout the day.

But the overwhelming media narrative is, “Donald Trump must be delegitimized.” They are firing away at his Presidency, his Constitutional power, his character, his family, his accomplishments, his business, his name.

The pattern is this — and it started in the early days of Trump’s campaign. The media decides to take down a member of his team. And the pile-on is from every outlet, in concert, as a means to paint Donald Trump as a reprobate.

We saw them go after Corey Lewandowski. Then Paul Manafort. They went after Carter Page. Michael Flynn, of course. They targeted Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Ivanka. They even went after Melania. Now it’s Jared Kushner’s turn; they’re trying to turn him into Boris Badenov. And what’s the crime.

In the history of the country, I don’t think there has ever been a full-time assassination squad like today’s news media. The relentless negativity, in fact, has been measured — by Harvard, no less. In the first 100 days, not only was Trump the subject of 41 percent of all news stories (three times more than previous Presidents), but outside of Fox, Trump was treated badly by every outlet, all the time

Yet The Times has been publishing some of the most irresponsible garbage imaginable. They have been leading the league in unsubstantiated leaks from unnamed, anonymous, “former government officials in a position to know.” No substantiation whatsoever. Everything The New York Times published about the “colluding with the Russians” narrative turned out to be dead wrong.

Which brings me to the Congressional shooter James Hodgkinson, a standard left-winger. How was he radicalized? It’s been reported that he had “anger control issues.” Will there be an investigation to find out why? When we’re attacked by militant Islamist terrorists, the media always investigates, “Why do they hate us?” The inevitable conclusion: “It’s our fault. Our wealth and power made them mad. Our foreign policy enraged them.”

source-rush, scott pelley, cbs, reza asian, fareed zakaria, nyt,


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