Since 1945the UN has promoted itself as the answer to global challenges by claiming to–maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, promote social progress, establish better living standards, and defend human rights.

Why we should get out of the UN.—restore our national  independence, retain our right to keep and bear arms, preserve our property rights, protect American economy.

The UN security council and the US president, not congress, send America troops into undeclared wars, the UN arms trade treaty, if ratified by the US senate would infringe on Americans rights to bear arms, The UN agenda 21/sustainable development program is ending Americans property rights, The UN international monetary fund is poised to suspend and create money out of thin air on the international level,  direct threat to the American economy.


The proposal called for a 3 stage disarmament program that would not disarm everyone but give the UN military superiority.  State would retain only those forces, non-nuclear armaments and establishments required for the purpose of maintaining internal  order.  the peace keeping capabilities of the UN would be sufficiently strong the obligations of all states under such arrangements sufficiently far-reaching as to assure peace and the just settlement of differences in  disarmed world.  A 1962 document entitled blueprint for the peace race not only was official US government policy  the time, but has never been formally withdrawn. Is the transformation of the role of the US military from defending the US to policing the world on behalf o f the UN.

These 3 declarations of war referred to article 1, section 8, clause 11 of the constitution wherein congress alone was granted power to declare war.US government retained control of its own military but it did mean that the US unfettered by UN control was le to decide whether to go to war and how  to conduct the effort.  The US has never lost  a war.  But since WW11 there have been no more war declarations by congress and war has meant stalemate or defeat.

We didn’t win in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq.   No congressional declaration of war were issued because our nation’s leaders had turned over war making power to the UN.

UN CHARTER: The charter of the UN was written largely by two men: Andrei Vishinski and American Alger Hiss–Hiss a secret communist was the first secretary general of the Un at its founding. The American people and the senate was steamrolled by an avalanche of pro-UN sentiment form political leaders, the media, clergymen and others. After two costly world wars during the past 25 years something new had o be tried to void similar future conflicts. Senators overwhelmingly approved the charter by a vote of 89 to 2.  That approval enrolled the US in the new UN s one of its  founding members. Two lonely senators Langer and Shipstead on 7/27/45 urged  “no” vote because control of the war power as provided in the constitution must remain in the congress.

Langer objected to the proposed UN having authority to send our boys all over the earth. Charter article 25 that states in it’s  entirety. “The members of the UN agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the security council in accordance with the present charter”.  Article 43 as well. it requires UN member nations to make available to  the security council on its call and in accordance with a special  agreement or agreements armed forces, assistance and facilities needed to carry out the wishes of  the UN.

UN participation act UNPA stated that the president shall not be deemed to require authorization of congress to send troops to carry out missions authorized of UN security council.  Passage gave unconstitutional power to all presidents to send US forces in to whatever mission the UN deemed necessary.  Jessie Summers representative, told her colleagues on 12/18/45 that the measure before them gives congressional authority for surrendering the American people to an all-powerful world super-government. Frederick Smith saw the measure as  blow to the very heart of the constitution. The power to declare war shall be taken from congress and given to the president, here is the essence of dictatorship.  The measure won passage with  lopsided vote of 355 to 15.  And when the senate concurred the UNPS became law.

By the end of 1945, therefore, our nation had joined the Un, and it awarded the president power to send members of our nation’s military to enforce UN resolution anywhere on Earth.  American forces could be sent to war only after  congressional declaration of war had been overruled.


More skirting of the constitution appears in articles 52-54 of the UN charter.  These articles permit nations to form regional arrangements for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security. The 1949 NATO agreement chief architect was John Foster Dulles, that NATO was needed to prevent further soviet conquests in Europe. NATO ‘s requirement that all members go to war if any of its members are attacked. But with only 13 dissenters, the senate approved immersion into NATO on 7/12/49. The UN charter clearly states that no action undertaken by its regional arrangements shall be without the authorization of the security council.  Article 54 of the charter requires that  regional pact such s NATO must report its activities to the security council and even report an activities in contemplation.  Many Americans do not see that this has been done in the case of US troops placed under NATO.  The UN security council issued resolution #83 calling on UN member nations to rush to the id of South Korea. 6/29/50 press conference whether our nation was at war, president Truman responded, we are not  at war : this is  police action.  Truman relied on membership in NATO as his authorization to send troops into the undeclared Korean conflict.  American forces fought in Korea for 3 years, but always under the UN despite the actual military commanders being American. Most of the fighting stopped in 1953, America’s causalities included 33,746 dead, 103,284 wounded and 8.177 missing.  US military officers complained bitterly about restrictions on their actions.  Chinese General Lin Piao claimed years after the fighting had ceased: I would never have made the attack and risked my men and military reputation if I had not been assured that Washington would restrain McArthur. Our nation forces employed in the Korean war were betrayed in several ways, the most compelling being the requirement that their  actions had to be made known to the UN beforehand.


During the Vietnam war Un control of the US military was exercised through the S.E. Asia treaty organization SEATO, NATO supervised the creation of  SEATO in 1954.  Vietnam didn’t end in  Korean-like stalemate: it ended in complete defeat.  And there can be no doubt about SEATO directing the debacle.  Rusk stated we are in Vietnam because the US and our allies are committed by the SEATO treaty to act to meet the common danger of aggression in S.E. Asia.  The Vietnam war cost America 58,000 dead, 153,000 wounded.  According to analysts and military leaders, it could have been won in a matter of weeks had not there been political interference.  Barry Goldwater the Rules of engagement –Americans pilots were not permitted to attack a North Vietnamese soviet-made MIG fighter sitting on the ground, only after it was in flight. The same hostile intention rule governed attacks on truck convoys, Enemy trucks could evade attacks by simply driving off the road. Off-limits designations of large enemy sanctuaries and hands off rule regarding the N. Vietnamese port of Haiphong.  These rules allowed the enemy to protect its forces and weaponry, and even permitted the N. Vietnamese to erect SAM missile sites that were off limits during construction and would later target US aircraft. American forces began their withdrawal from S.E. Asia in 1973.


When Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait in 1990, President Bush immediately sought authorization from the UN to oust Hussein’s invasion force.  His goal was a new world order that would bring about a reinvigorated UN.  But increasing the power of the UN and watering down allegiances to America most assuredly were the presidents goals.  There was no congressional declaration of war against Iraq. They were stopped well short  well short of Baghdad because the UN authorized only removing Iraq’s forces from Kuwait.  US military should be used to protect our own country, not to police the world.

UN  John Negroponte ambassador to the UN cited the 1990-1 resolutions to invade Iraq the second time, that invasion begun in 2003 and carried out over that decade, cost America 4,491 lives and tens of thousands wounded.  Over half a million Iraq civilians perished. What did the second Iraq war achieve? the nation is now in the hands of the bloody-handed Islamic state-ISIS. The Christian population of Iraq , formerly 1.5 million in number, has shrunk by two-thirds.


Intervening in Afghanistan in 2002, the US military has never left that country (though bin aden made his way to Pakistan), making Afghanistan our longest war.  The UN created ISAF-international security assistance forec, and by 2003 NATO supplanted the ISAF and has been in charge of the military effort in that war worn nation ever since, despite the fact that Afghanistan is outside the NATO region.  As of late 2015, NATO forces have suffered 3,407 deaths of which 2,291 were Americans.  Afghan soldiers trained by the US have their weapons to kill American trainers.


1992 President Bush send 30,000 US troops into Somalia.  In April 1994 with Bill Clinton.  In Sept. 1994 Clinton sent tens of thousands of American troops to Haiti to enforce another UN resolution. March 2011, Obama deployed US forces in the NATO air war against Libya that was authorized by a UN security council resolution. With the UN military control becoming more overt and direct, perhaps along the lines of the aforementioned Freedom From War proposal.

The US military should no longer serve as the UN main military arm, but should instead be restored to its traditional role of protecting the US under the US Constitution.  Congressman Rogers has introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (HR 1205) which would terminate US membership in the world body!

source–the new american


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