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Got Their Goat

A new liberal fad is growing by leaps and bounds — something called “goat yoga.” I kid you not. Hip yoga moms are jumping at the chance to seek “mindfulness” and unblock their chakras via goat interaction. The nanny-state dweller who invented nanny yoga, Lainey Morse of Albany, OR, has over 1,000 people on the waitlist, eager to drive to her farm from all over the yin yang. And the craze is sweeping the country. Hard to fathom the allure of rolling around in goat excrement to “center yourself,” not to mention being canoodled by a frisky goat. Yet cnn describes goat yoga as “therapeutic,” because “snuggles are not uncommon, and neither is the occasional upward goat on a downward dog.” I guess it depends what the dog identifies as. Ms. Morse maintains that goat yoga is “helping people cope with whatever they’re going through,” including anxiety and depression. Making this the perfectly deranged treatment for Trump Derangement Syndrome. You’re welcome.


Time Bomb

Academic “experts” continue their efforts to make students unemployable. Exhibit A: Clemson University [SC]’s latest adventure in “the soft bigotry of low expectations” — promoting the idea that “it’s wrong, and probably colonialist, to expect people to show up to a meeting on time,” as reports. The school spent over $25,000 on “diversity education and training” featuring an “inclusion awareness course.” The message: punctuality is a useless symbol of Western oppression. Clemson students should test this theory by fluidly showing up for the training course after it’s over.


A student at the University of Wisconsin says minorities feel oppressed by grammatical English. So she’s fighting to get teachers across the U.S. “to be more accepting” of Ebonics, or “African-American Vernacular English.” As reported by the student-run paper, The Daily Cardinal, Erika Gallagher is concerned that forcing students to say “isn’t” instead of “ain’t,” and “I am” instead of “I be” can “exclude marginalized groups.” Posse Foundation scholarship, researched “code switching,” where people adjust their speech to fit societal norms. She wants students to be allowed to submit schoolwork in any form of English they prefer. A perfect way to keep the student out of a job, and thus a reliable Democrat voter.

Evil Eye

“Students Who Avoid Making Eye Contact Could Be Guilty of Racism, Oxford University Says,” blared the headline in The [UK] Telegraph. The university’s “Equality and Diversity Unit” claimed that averting one’s eyes is a sign of “racial microaggression.” It sends a hostile message to the victims of the lack of eye contact, communicating “that they may fulfill a negative stereotype.” The story went viral, and immediately, competing victimologies hit the fan. The racial microaggression forces got fierce pushback from the disability microaggression forces, who pointed out that those with autism or social anxiety disorders struggle with eye contact.


The New York Times profiles Sophie Marat, a transgender person “assigned” male at birth — who wanted to un-assign the masculine voice. After years of wearing a skirt but still hearing “Okay, sir” on the phone, Sophie turned to voice therapists at New York University’s speech-language-hearing clinic. It’s “one of a growing number of programs to cater to transgender clients seeking to retrain their voices.” Among speech language therapists, “transgender care” has gone from zero just a few years ago to over 100 in the U.S. alone. The hormone drugs, therapists, special clothing, wigs, and voice coaches are part of a new industry catering to trans people. Hmm. Voice “modification” from one sex to another can take 12 months or longer. It constitutes an “Olympic athletic feat,” says voice therapist Heather Krug. No, there’s no medal category for “real woman” nagging.


On November 9, 2016, panicked transgenders got into gear, wrongly anticipating persecution from Donald Trump. Activists started “mobilizing to help people obtain or update their passports,” according to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, for cross-dressing border crossings. As The Washington Times reports, Soros has pumped tens of millions of dollars into the transgender bathroom movement, the Gay Straight Alliance Network (complete with school clubs in more than 60 percent of California schools), and various other lgbtq groups to advocate for issues such as more trans and gay judges on the bench. Now Soros is financing those who want to change their gender designation on passports. According to Kris Hayashi of the Soros-funded Transgender Law Firm, “outdated laws and other barriers have blocked almost 70 percent of transgender people from updating any of their identity documents.” Soros money is fixing that. When it comes to “the asylum and resettlement process,” the firm is guiding “trans refugees.”


“The Election Has Caused Mental Health Problems for Millennials,” screams a headline at the Spartan Newsroom, published by the Michigan State University [msu] journalism school. Author Alexandra Donlin points out that 2016 was the first time voting for young Millennials, who already “have higher rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-injurious behaviors.” And adding to that horror, Hillary Clinton lost. Now the losing team is losing it. msu assistant professor of psychiatry Dr. Farha Abbasi blames it all on what amounts to ptsd — Post-Trump Suffering Disorder — in Millennials’ supposedly rough life: “war and its effects, a recession, finding employment, the cost of education, student loans, as well as their own personal issues.” In just a few decades we’ve gone from the Greatest Generation to the Certifiable Generation. I can tell you in one word what’s really caused mental health problems for Millennials. Liberalism.

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