5 lib lies about liberal privilege-


Lie #1: Everyone knows liberals are for the little guy. Fact: Liberals are smug elitists who want to tell the little guy how to live. They run the rule-making bureaucracies and academia. Super-rich libs dominate Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Wall Street. Even Democrats think their Party supports the rich more than anyone else.

trump voters–2% poor, 33% middle class, 21% wealthy, 44% all equally

Dem Congress–19% poor, 23% middle class, 42% wealthy, 16% all equally

Lie #2: Liberals are for equality! They fight for equal pay for women! Fact: Liberals are total hypocrites on equality — when it’s their budget, the gals get stiffed.

STAFF SALARIES: hillary-men $56,500—Women-$40,792====clinton foundation—men-$291,000, women-210,000, senator liz warren—men-$73,750, women-$52,750, Obama–men-$88,218, women-$78,012, Pelosi-men-$130,455, women-$93,320.

Lie #3: Liberals are fighting the rich and powerful. Fact: Liberals are the rich and powerful. The richest of the rich donors support liberal candidates and causes.

fat cat donors—liberals–dem’s-$346,613,104====republicans–$289,068,650.

party of billionaires—liberals 59%, 41%-conservative.

Lie #4: Liberals are open minded, inclusive, and welcoming of diverse views. Fact: Liberals — especially liberal women — are extremely intolerant. Almost 70 percent of white female Democrat voters refuse to respect Trump supporters.

% of clinton voters who have a hard time or have no trouble supporting Trump–

TYPE                        HARD TIME            NO TROUBLE

men                        54%                        44%

women                   60%                        38%

white                      64%                        34%

black                       48%                        50%

Hispanic 45%                        53%

white men             59%                        39%

white women        68%                        30%

all clinton               58%                        40%

trump support      40%                        56%

Lie #5: Only liberals can fix income equality. Fact: Income inequality is worse wherever liberals are in charge.

by state–NY-.5908, conn-.4994, la-.4914, ca-.4903, fl-.4843, ga-.4837, top ones

source-the atlantic, investors business daily, 24/7 wall street, pew, prri, open secrets, politifact,wash free beacon, cnn money, wash post, prorities usa,


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