Obama Gave Hillary Classified State Dept. Access Even After She Left:-

47jH.,b43Obama Gave Hillary Classified State Dept. Access Even After She Left:-

A letter from a top GOP senator to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson revealed that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was given access to classified documents at the State Department during her campaign, Fox News reports.

That access continued even after FBI Director James Comey said during a July 5 televised announcement that the FBI had determined Clinton and her staff had been “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, revealed in the March 30 letter that Clinton had negotiated access to classified documents for herself and her staff after her 2013 departure from the secretary of state’s office.

Even after she announced her run in the spring of 2015, she retained that access.

“I have repeatedly asked the State Department whether Secretary Clinton and her associates had their clearances suspended or revoked, to which the Obama administration refused to respond,” Grassley wrote.

“Recently, the State Department informed the committee that six additional Secretary Clinton staff at State were designated as her research assistants which allowed them to retain their clearances after leaving the Department.”

Well, I guess we know why the Obama administration refused to respond.

“Any other government workers who engaged in such serious offenses would, at a minimum, have their clearances suspended pending an investigation,” Grassley added, according to The Hill. “The failure to do so has given the public the impression that Secretary Clinton and her associates received special treatment.”

Amazingly, Hillary’s rationale for this was so that she could make sure her memoir was accurate. Yes, that’s the reason sensitive documents were put in the hands of Hillary Clinton, America’s foremost homebrew server specialist and a woman whose campaign manager fell for a phishing scheme.

Words fail me. Even though she’s now “out of the woods,” Clinton decided not to respond to a Fox News request for comment. What a shocker.

It was part of President Barack Obama’s job to make sure that classified information stayed out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have it. Even after it became clear that Hillary Clinton had no business handling sensitive documents, she managed to retain access to them for God knows what reason — and so did some of her flunkies.

We can only thank the Lord that this group of dysfunctional individuals now can’t get anywhere near classified documents.

source–conservative tribune, wilmot proviso, fox, chuck grassley, the hill,





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