Frederick County [MD] Public Schools [fcps] had received student feedback that their “tweeting was a bit flat.” This mattered to them, which was their first mistake. As reported by, their students were “looking for more engagement.” So they hired Katie Nash as the district’s “social media coordinator.” Soon after, upon learning that a snowfall was forecast, one student tweeted to the district: “Close school tammarow please.” Ms. Nash tweeted back in a bantering way: “But then how would you learn how to spell tomorrow?” With a smiley face.

Alas for Ms. Nash, fcps has a zero tolerance policy on humor. While the tweet garnered 1,100 retweets and 1,400 “likes,” according to The Washington Post, district officials hit the roof. They deleted Nash’s tweet and sent a letter of apology to the student. The student suffered no public humiliation — he used an anonymous twitter handle — and even said he did not take the correction personally. Nor did his parents. Yet within days Nash was kicked to the curb. The student made a mistake and was corrected. It’s called learning. But these days, that can’t happen in a school — where liberal educators must protect students’ right to misspell.

Shell Game by the Seashore

More wackiness from the Left Coast. In addition to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Californians believe in “the right to a beach vacay.” According to The Orange County Register, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D, San Diego) thinks it’s outrageous that some people can’t afford a beach trip. So she’s got a beach entitlement bill to make California’s Coastal Conservancy develop new, low-cost accommodations. The bill came on the heels of a study from ucla’s “Institute of the Environment and Sustainability,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Researchers found a trip to the beach costs an average $22 per day — too much for low-income families. They also concluded that African Americans are less likely to visit a California beach than Caucasians, which researcher/social justice warrior Jon Christensen blames on the “legacy of discrimination.” So on top of building thousands of free beachfront condos for every Californian, the state will no doubt create a new agency to ensure the daily racial diversity of beachgoers. As well as supplying sunscreen, umbrellas, towels, and meals. Just call it Cabana-Care. While the dwindling number of California taxpayers forego their vacations to pay for it all.


It’s common for college kids to hang erasable whiteboards outside their dorm rooms, for “I’m at the library” or other such postings. But students at Michigan State University [msu] will no longer be permitted to do so. As reported by The Detroit News, the ban is an effort to eliminate any “hurtful words” that might possibly be written on them. “In any given month, there are several incidents,” says msu’s Director of University Residential Services Communications Kat Cooper. “These are mostly activities of opportunity. [Students] are walking down the hall and there’s a ready writing surface and a pen right there waiting for them.” Can’t have that amongst college-aged people. Next up: a ban on paper, Post-it notes, and markers, to be followed by taping students’ mouths shut.



Snow Job

“The Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013,” warned John Kerry in The Huffing and Puffington Post — in 2009. Oops. These climate hysterics are never right about anything, but they keep on making the same stupid predictions. Now they’ve backdated doomsday for the North Pole to 2030, giving them plenty of time to bring the crazy. As reported by cnn, Arizona State University [asu] researchers recommend building 10 million wind-powered pumps in order to refreeze 10 percent of the Arctic Sea. I kid you not. According to their study published in Earth’s Future — one of my favorite journals — this would supposedly add a meter of ice each winter. Catch the vision: giant water pumps would sit on buoys, “take up water from beneath the ice, store it in a tank, and then spray the water on top of the ice.” Where it would freeze. That’s the “science.” Here’s the math: a price tag of $50 billion a year over 10 years, or $500 billion. Conveniently left out is the enormous quantity of fossil fuels needed and co2 emitted to manufacture and transport 10 million windmills. Or of the carbon footprints of the thousands of workers it would take to maintain these Arctic bird blenders. Says asu Professor of Astrophysics Steven J. Desch: “It’s ambitious and a little bit crazy in scope, but all of the options on the table are a little bit crazy.” Here’s the sane option: don’t do anything. Just like the last ten million years.

Hot Mess: L.A. live within its environmental means.” Because apparently the city has a Fahrenheit budget (though its finances are $224 million in the hole). So Garcetti is vowing “to reduce the average temperature in the metropolis by three degrees over the next 20 years.”

Fake News, the Chicago Way

The University of Chicago is having trouble recruiting, as top-tier students are worried about the Second City’s reputation as the First City of Crime. In 2016 Chicago experienced its deadliest year in almost two decades, according to Time, with 762 people killed. That was up 58 percent from 2015. The Windy City’s murder rate is far outpacing most other U.S. cities. But instead of complaining to City Hall, the UChicago admissions office is taking a page out of the Democrat playbook and manufacturing … propaganda.

 In an email to student tour guides obtained by the student newspaper The Chicago Maroon, Senior Admissions Counselor Colleen Belak starts off by — of course — blaming Trump for Chi-Town’s bad press: “If you’ve paid attention to the national news (or Donald Trump’s tweets) over the past few months, you’ll notice that the city of Chicago is often painted with a broad brush as an ‘unsafe’ or ‘scary’ place to reside.” Then Belak promises $500 to the guide who is “able to come up with a creative way to approach this negative perception.” So, they want people to create a fake liberal narrative of urban paradise, to lure unsuspecting students to Murder City. How about: “Chicago: It Makes Detroit Look Safe”?

 Greens Too White

Libs have a new lib theory why the environmental movement has failed to get more Americans to jump on the global warming train. Here it is: “environmental racism.” Seems the left just noticed that the environmentalist wacko crowd isn’t diverse. At all. So four journalism professors, writing in Quartz, demand that “communities of color, who are disproportionately susceptible to effects of climate change,” be placed front and center in any debate. Instead, the authors complain, the green movement is “designed by and for a white, upper-middle-class demographic.” Well, whose fault is that? The left! The writers sneer at the green activist caricature of “a white guy in a Patagonia jacket, standing proudly next to his Prius with camping equipment loaded in the back.” Which pretty much describes arrogant environmentalist elitists to a green T. It’s a beautiful thing. Whenever leftists start turning on each other, I get out of the way.

source shown in the article from rush


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