America Leading Again-

America Leading Again—-39H.

“One of his [Obama’s] advisors described the President’s actions … as ‘leading from behind.’ … It comes from two unspoken beliefs: that the relative power of the U.S. is declining … and that the U.S. is reviled in many parts of the world.” — The New Yorker, on the “Obama Doctrine,” 5/2/11

“A new chapter of American Greatness is now beginning. A new national pride is sweeping across our nation. And a new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp. What we are witnessing today is the renewal of the American spirit. Our allies will find that America is once again ready to lead.” — Donald Trump, address to Congress, 2/28/17

What a difference a Presidency makes. We have finally, after eight grim years, slammed shut the ugly chapter of World Apology Tours, coddling enemies, and the deliberate diminishing of American strength.

For the last eight years, it’s been just the opposite. The Obama Regime didn’t believe we deserved to lead. To the left everywhere, the U.S. is the problem. Which is why at that moment in Trump’s speech, not a single Democrat stood or applauded; every Democrat sat in stony silence. Never was the political divide clearer.

Take a look at the economic news. Do you realize, ladies and gentlemen, there’s not a single economic metric that is not better since Trump was inaugurated? By every measure, the nation is showing dramatic improvement. The U.S. economy added 235,000 net new jobs in February, beating expectations. Moody’s Analytics puts the total at 298,000 new private sector jobs, far more than the 189,000 it expected, according to The Washington Examiner.

Automatic Data Processing [adp] calculates for the same period the “goods-producing sector” added 106,000 jobs, reports LifeZette — 66,000 in construction, 32,000 manufacturing jobs, and 8,000 new mining jobs; the service industry sector added 193,000 jobs. This time it’s far different. J.P. Morgan ceo Jamie Dimon detects it. “It seems like [Trump] has woken up the animal spirits,” he told Bloomberg, using the Keynesian term for business energy. Confidence has “skyrocketed because it’s a growth agenda,” Dimon said. “If he gets [his agenda] done, even part of it, it will be good for growth, good for jobs, good for Americans. I’m really confident he will get that done.”

Unemployment is a record low at 4.7 percent. The stock market has experienced a “Trump Bump” of some 10 percent, and the U.S. Consumer Comfort Index, which measures Americans’ confidence, reached its highest level in a decade, according to Bloomberg. The New York Times.

The legislative rollback of Obama-era rules and regulations is underway. The debt, according to the U.S. Treasury, is down $101 billion since Trump’s inauguration; during the same time frame, Obama increased debt by over $400 billion.

Official bidding has begun for Trump’s 30-foot border wall, reported cbs News on 3/20/17. And according to Michael Barone, “Customs and Border Protection reported that apprehensions of illegal crossings of the southern border in February were down 39 percent from January and down 36 from February 2016 … That’s a startling drop.” “This Trump is a buffoon, an absurdity, a joke — and yet, he is transforming everything, while we are powerless to stop him.”

‘Look, the 70-year-long process of being able to rely on American generosity is over. We are now going to protect our economic interests in a way we have not since before World War II.’ This is a huge change … Literally all across the planet you’re seeing countries that are suddenly saying, ‘What? You mean the American President’s actually going to defend the American economy? Why, that’s cheating!’”

What you see is an increase in defense, an increase in border security, an increase enforcing laws that are already on the books, an increase in school choice and then decreases in, for example, money that we send to other countries. So, all we did was take his policies, turn it into a budget, and that’s what you’ve got. You have an ‘America first’ candidate, you have an ‘America first’ budget.”

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