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Special Kind of Stupid “More Than 12,000 Tweets Have Called for Trump’s Assassination Since the Inauguration.” — headline, The [UK] Daily Mail, 2/3/17

“[I]t is toxic out there right now … How far will the progressive movement go to try to intimidate us?” — Rep. Mark Walker (R, NC), Politico, 2/7/17

“We have never in living memory seen an electorate as fired up and angry and engaged as they are right now.” — Ben Wikler, bigwig, celebrating leftist protests, Real Clear Politics, 1/31/17

Well, Wikler is right, if by “fired up” he means his side is literally setting fires to silence opponents. The hate and mayhem being unleashed by today’s unhinged left is beyond extreme — and Gara LaMarche, president of Democracy Alliance, can barely contain his glee. According to The Hill, he exclaims, “These are ordinary people rising up.” Um, no. There are many terms to describe leftists “rising up” today — violent agitators, maniacal paid thugs, malicious malingerers — but “ordinary people” they are not. The mainstream media is careful not to show any of this, but by far the biggest bullies, bigots, discriminators, and thuggish intimidators are on the left:

Activists Unhinged

[I]’ve [been] reading all the terrible things that people were saying about me … even being called by my own black people a ‘n—er,’ a ‘house n—er,’ ‘c–n’, ‘Uncle Tom,’ people suggesting I should kill myself, a ‘traitor,’ all kinds of things. It was very frightening and very alarming…” — Jennifer Holliday, explaining why she backed out of performing at the Trump Inauguration, quoted in The Hollywood Reporter, 1/14/17

  • “There’s usually a piece of like fusible metal or a piece of glass with liquid in it that will blow.” — Colin Dunn of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas undercover video describing a plot to pour butyric acid in the duct work of the National Press Club to disrupt a Trump inaugural ball,, 1/16/17. The plot was thwarted after O’Keefe contacted the fbi.
  • “[F]ree Leonard Peltier. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Free Assata Shakur … over the next months and years we will be called upon to intensify our demands for social justice to become more militant in our defense of vulnerable populations. Those who still defend the supremacy of white male hetero-patriarchy had better watch out.” — Angela Davis, at the Women’s March, Elle, 1/21/17. Peltier killed fbi agents, while Abu-Jamal and Shakur are cop-killers.
  • “I’m entitled to get drunk and puke in your lap! I’m going to throw up right in your lap! You make me sick! Don’t talk to me! Don’t look at me! Don’t you dare even put your arm on that rest. You disgust me! You should be ashamed of yourself! You put a maniac’s [Trump’s] finger on the button. You are a bigot. You should get off this plane!” — belligerent female passenger on Alaskan Airlines flight, verbally abusing seatmate because he voted for Trump. Airline staff ejected her from the flight amidst applause by passengers, to whom she gave the finger, reported by The New York Post, 1/23/17
  • “Keep your religion out of my vagina.” “Regulate your d—, not my p—-.” — Signs carried by St. Louis-area teachers at D.C. Women’s March, Independent Journal Review, 1/25/17
  • “White people, give your f–king money, your f–king house, your f–king property, we need it f–king all! … F–k white supremacy, f–k the U.S. empire, f–k your imperialist ass lives. That sh-t gotta go … And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f–king White House, your f–king Presidents, they must go! F–k the White House … Pay the f–k up, pay the f–k up. It ain’t just your f–king time, it’s your f–king money, and now your f–king life is devoted to social change.” — Black Lives Matter activist at the megaphone at a Seattle anti-Trump protest, identified as a teacher, The Daily Caller, 1/30/17. In the background, another protester shouted “Burn it!” and “Reparations!”
  • “What the f–k, Chuck!” “Grow a spine!” “Resisting Trump is your primary duty!” “Stand up, or get out of the way!” “Filibuster everything!” — angry libs by the hundreds packing the sidewalk outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment, Gothamist, 2/1/17
  • “The violence was instigated by a group of about 150 masked agitators … Fires … were deliberately set … Molotov cocktails that caused generator-powered spotlights to catch fire; commercial-grade fireworks thrown at police officers; barricades pushed into windows and skirmishes within the crowd were among the evening’s violent acts … The group entered campus and immediately began throwing rocks at officers … Agitators also attacked some members of the crowd who were rescued by police.” — report of the violent protest that led to cancellation of speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, according to The Daily Signal, 2/2/17
  • “Hey, come get your boy, he got rocked.” — “teen_archer,” tweeting photo of an unconscious man beaten during riot at Berkeley, in a series of tweets bragging about the assault, 2/2/17, quoted at The Daily Caller. Tweeter is reportedly Ian Dabney Miller, now under investigation, a staff member at UC Berkeley.
  • “How dare you assholes protect Neo-Nazis? F–k you! F–k you! They’re trying to learn about human rights and against racism and xenophobia and lgbtq rights and you’re letting these f–king Neo-Nazis near here! You should kick their ass!” — woman, claiming to be a professor, screaming at the nypd at a New York University protest over Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes’ lecture, quoted by Mediaite, 2/3/17. The lecture was shut down.
  • “The Knights for Socialism group at the University of Central Florida [ucf] held a workshop Sunday to teach left-wing students how to ‘bash the fash’ [‘fascists,’ i.e., conservatives] with a ‘Leftist Fight Club’ open to everyone but Republicans.” — The Gateway Pundit, 2/6/17
  • “Angry? Afraid? Stressed? Come vent all that out with Knights for Socialism this Friday on the Free Speech lawn … We will have multiple Piñatas ready to bash! Let the traitorous Republican Party know what you really think of them!” — Facebook entry for the ucf Knights for Socialism, featuring “Whack-a-Trump Piñatas” with the note, “Come take a swing at Trump and his cronies!” quoted at Campus Reform, 2/7/17
  • “This was something very different.” — Rep. Tom McClintock (R, CA), needing police protection to exit a town hall meeting because of vicious liberal protestors, Politico, 2/7/17
  • “Uncle Tom” — one of many insults hurled at Sen. Tim Scott (R, SC) by activists for backing Trump appointee Jeff Sessions, The Hill, 2/9/17. Others include “the n-word” and “disgrace to the black race.”
  • “Cleveland Indians Pitcher Comes Out for Trump — Leftists Immediately Tell Him to Get Cancer.” — The Gateway Pundit, 2/10/17

When Sen. Elizabeth “Liawatha” Warren was silenced on the Senate floor for impugning Jeff Sessions, Chuck Schumer complained, as reported by The Hill, that “the only speech being stifled is speech that Republicans don’t agree with.” That’s the biggest fake news out there. Republicans are not only being stifled, they are being maligned, threatened, and beaten. Because the left is out of ideas, out of power, and out of gas. All they have left is tantrums.

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