The Trump Factor: UNPRECEDENTED–“Trump Disrupts World

The Trump Factor: UNPRECEDENTED–“Trump Disrupts World.”–58JH.,B58

On June 16, 2015, the day Donald Trump announced his Presidential run, still rattles the globe. The shuddering has only grown more intense, both here and abroad. The entire world elite took to fainting couches following a handful of media interviews Trump gave just before taking office, in which he reiterated his positions on Brexit (beautiful), the European Union (annoying), nato (obsolete), and the One-China policy (up for review). He said these exact things many times over the last year and a half, but it’s only now starting to dawn on the geniuses in the intellectual class that Trump’s ideas. “Trump’s comments — made … with no apparent respect for the nuances and niceties of diplomacy — could throw an already fragile world into disorder,” sniffed The New Yorker magazine. The Wall Street Journal took the temperature of the international elite gathered at the World Economic Forum: “On this bracingly cold day here in Davos, one could palpably feel the shake in the world order.” The New Yorker further reported that Trump has “jolted governments from Brussels to Beijing. Many of his ideas disparage the principles, institutions, and alliances central to U.S. foreign policy.

The globalist “order” has been a tight-knit system of cronyism, corruption, graft (see: Clinton Global Initiative), arms dealing, foment, and warcraft — which has benefited this bunch with enormous wealth. That is the order Trump is disrupting. But it’s not just the international crowd that’s panicked. The domestic order in D.C. has also been upended:

  • “Trump’s Inauguration to Shatter Washington Norms.” — Politico, 1/13/17
  • “Heavily Democratic D.C. Braces for a Swamp-Draining New Republican President.” — The Washington Post, 1/13/17
  • “State Department Held Stress Workshops After Trump’s Win.” — The Washington Free Beacon, 1/16/17
  • “Trump Could Cause ‘The Death of Think Tanks as We Know Them.’” — The Washington Post, 1/15/17
  • “Democrats, Left in the Lurch: The Curious Decline and Uncertain Future of the Democratic Party.” — nbc News, 1/18/17.

despite election results, D.C. has remained a one-Party town. Thanks to burrowed-in Democrat apparatchiks, Democrat bureaucrats, and Democrat operatives in all agencies and government departments, Democrat Party control has infused every square inch of the Capitol. Donald Trump has blown that structure wide open. His electoral victory revealed that the Democrat Party has been utterly hollowed out over the last eight years under Barack Obama. Democrats are about to lose their grip on the mother lode, their real source of political muscle: the judiciary.

Not only is there a vacancy on the Supreme Court that Donald Trump can fill, there are 104 vacant federal judgeships waiting for his nominations when he takes office. The judiciary has been the left’s go-to option when they fail to achieve their objectives legislatively. This change in the nature of the judiciary could last for decades.” The judiciary is their portal. And it’s about to be slammed shut.

Now you know the real reason Democrats are losing their minds. And what’s worse for them, they had no preparation; they lacked any capacity to see it coming. Not only did their own media hide the truth, not only did their own arrogance and bigotry render them unable to discern the mood of their countrymen, but history was not a guide. What Trump accomplished by winning the Presidency, without ever before having run for office or ever having held a military leadership position, is “an achievement without precedent,” . Trump’s vision and energy are anti-globalist and unapologetically pro-American dominance and wealth — re-establishing American greatness — but with new, Trumpian diagnoses on trade, global currency, manufacturing, and international alliances. Yet the left understands none of this, and are still running their tired old handbook against him.

There was the world order before November 8; now there’s the world according to Trump. It won’t work. Trump himself has used “unpredictability” as a strategy his entire career. Joe Biden told The New York Times Magazine on 1/17/17: “It’s like a Rubik’s cube trying to figure this guy out. We have no freakin’ idea what he’s gonna do.” But they’re scared to death he’s going to succeed at it. And if, under Trump, we really do make America great again, they are over as a political force. Trump could well prove to be an unprecedented, potentially extinction-level event for the Democrat Party.

The left is so discombobulated they’re arguing with reality. On the day before the inauguration, protesters convened a “Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.” Hundreds of people, “brandishing rainbow flags and signs that read ‘Queer Love’ and ‘Trans Power,’” unleashed general mayhem on the neighborhood, dancing on vehicles and chanting. To understand modern-day liberalism, you must recognize that liberals reject reality. They believe reality is something we have constructed — to exclude them. Everything to liberals is a “social construct.”

To these people, life is a fight for power, and whoever has the power gets to dictate the terms. They fight for power so they can dictate to us what marriage is, what compassion is, what “citizen” is, what America is, what reality is.

Likewise, they don’t accept the reality that they lost on November 8. No, they were cheated. By Comey, by Putin, whatever. They are always, in every circumstance, committed to overthrowing and reversing reality. It is delusional; these are sick people. And they’re not going away, especially since Trump so relentlessly insists on pushing reality right in their faces. They’re going to constantly come unglued and be disruptive during his Presidency. Let ’em.

It’s unbelievably instructive. The more they rage, the more obvious it is that these people cannot be accommodated; they must be soundly defeated. Fortunately, with Donald Trump, we’ve elected a Republican with an unprecedented appetite for the fight. That’s a tremendously encouraging starting point. Remember, all that’s happened so far is that we’ve won an election. Now the real work begins.

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