news digest–rush-part 1 of 2

news digest–rush–39gh.,b71

Rather Not—-PART 1 OF 2

Dan “What’s the Frequency” Rather is back. He stepped out of deserved obscurity to teach a course at, an “online learning platform.” The course name? “Journalism & Finding the Truth in News.” You can’t make it up. Well, Rather can make it up. The course description promises budding journalists that their mentor Rather will explain “how objective truth is in peril more than ever before.” They neglect to mention that one reason truth is in peril is: Dan Rather. He famously propagated a hoax about George W. Bush’s National Guard service, using forged documents,

Privilege Check

For libs, there is such a thing as a free lunch. But in a pinch, the next best thing is a meal subsidized by a white male. As reported by Huffington Post, there’s a new app called EquiTable — to “even the playing field” at a restaurant. You didn’t know there was an uneven playing field when you ate out, did you? The app provides social justice, by splitting the check based on gender and race. The point is not to divide a bill equally, but “equitably.” Using weighted calculations, so diners can “balance out the wage gap.” The app relies on statistics supposedly proving that white women make 78 percent of what white males earn; black women make 64 percent; black men 69 percent; Hispanic women 54 percent, and so on. Even though these numbers have been debunked in study after study. As if that wasn’t enough to make you lose your appetite, EquiTable also adds a surcharge for “high privilege groups” or diners who “lack diversity.” EquiTable inventor Luna Malbroux developed the app because she “thought that a bill-splitting app would be a fun way to … expand what we hear about the wage gap so more people are included in the conversation.” Sounds like a smorgasbord of thrills.


If you doubt liberals are intent on destroying Western Civilization, look no further. As reported by Breitbart, an anonymous American donor has funded an unspeakable poster campaign in northern Spain, using children as pawns to push the transgender agenda. The perverse propaganda features four naked children holding hands while running through a field. Created by “transgender advocacy” group Chrysallis Euskal Herria, the images include a nude boy and girl, as well as a “girl” with male genitalia and a “boy” with female genitalia. The group says the posters were developed to “raise social awareness about transgender children and for these children to feel represented.” Let’s see, transgenders of all ages comprise 0.002 percent of the population in the U.S., so these extremists are targeting an infinitesimal number of people in the sparsely populated Basque region. Meanwhile, a study by psychiatrists Paul McHugh and Lawrence S. Mayer in the journal New Atlantis concludes that transgenderism, when it rarely occurs, is a passing phase for the great majority of children, who outgrow it. Why push to make a rare disorder the new normal? Because at its sick core, leftism is a war on normal.

Robo Rights


The European Union may be developing a new constituency group: robots. In January, the EU Committee on Legal Affairs approved a “bill of rights” for robots that grants them “electronic personhood.” (No, “personhood” isn’t granted to babies in the womb. Because that would be extreme.) The UK tech publication TheInquirer reports that by a vote of 17-2, the EU bureaucrats agreed to extend rights to robots — for instance, the right to “protect their own existence.” What could go wrong? Included in the vote was a demand for a new government robotics agency and, of course, volumes of regulations covering those who identify as Artificial Intelligence [AI]. Get ready for an EU AI court to adjudicate robot diversity and protect lgbtq cyborgs. For EU members despondent after the Brexit vote, the expanded bureaucracy is sure to bring hope. If they play their chips right, they can replace bothersome human voters with bots programmed to vote pro-EU forever.




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