Fake News Whoppers-part 1 of 3

Fake News Whoppers–EIB FactCheck–39gh.,b71

part 1 of 3

Fiction: “Of Course It’s a Muslim Ban: A Mountain of Evidence Proves Trump Signed His Executive Order to Target Islam.” — Slate, 1/31/17

Fact: “President Donald Trump’s recent Executive Order temporarily freezing immigration from seven predominantly Islamic countries would affect only about 12 percent of the world’s Muslims.” — Pew Research Center, 1/31/17. So the “Muslim ban” isn’t a “ban” and doesn’t “ban Muslims,” but other than that, good job, media.

  1. Fiction: “Statue of Liberty Was Originally Muslim Woman.” — cbs News, attempting to shame Donald Trump for the mislabeled “Muslim travel ban,” 2/4/17

Fact: “[I]nspiration for the statue was the Roman goddess Libertas, the personification of liberty and personal freedom,” The New York Times, 10/28/00. There’s nothing Muslim about a female colossus in a toga, with face unveiled and arm uncovered; Libertas is a purely classical Western symbol. Agenda-driven liberals deliberately confuse the history of Lady Liberty with a completely different statue by the same designer, proposed in Egypt but never constructed, of an Arab peasant woman.

  1. Fiction: “A Muslim-American Olympic medalist says she was detained by Customs for nearly two hours without explanation after President Trump’s travel ban was instituted a few weeks ago.” — The Hill, 2/9/17

Fact: After an uproar, the medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammad, tweeted: “Thanks to all who reached out regarding the December incident at Customs.” Oops. She was detained by the Obama Regime. Trump did not become President until 1/20/17; his Executive Order was announced 1/27/17.

  1. Fiction: “[T]hese so-called ‘bad people’ who had to be kept out, [we’re] finding out that they’re … people who in at least one tragic case wasn’t able to come here for medical treatment, and died, you know.” — Errol Lewis, referring to Mike Hager, who said his mother died in Iraq waiting for approval to fly to America under President Trump’s travel restrictions, cnn, 2/1/17

Fact: “Man Who Claimed Mom Died in Iraq After Trump’s Ban Lied, Imam Confirms.” — Fox 2, 2/1/17. Fox found a 1/22/17 tweet by Mike Hager on the death of his mother, five days before the Trump Executive Order.

  1. Fiction: “President Donald Trump threatened in a phone call with his Mexican counterpart to send U.S. troops to stop ‘bad hombres down there’ unless the Mexican military does more to control them.” — ap, 2/1/17, prompting headlines worldwide that “Trump threatened to invade Mexico.”

Fact: “‘I know it with absolute certainty, there was no threat,’ [Mexico President] Peña Nieto spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said in a radio interview. ‘The things that have been said are nonsense and a downright lie.’” — The Los Angeles Times, 2/1/17

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