American Reclamation Project–

American Reclamation Project—39gh.,b71

Obamacare relief; freezing all pending regulations; blocking use of taxpayer dollars to fund international abortion services; scrapping tpp; freezing federal hiring; approving Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines; expediting environmental reviews on infrastructure projects; streamlining federal manufacturing regulations; increasing border security; designing and constructing the wall; hiring more Border Patrol agents; ending “catch and release”; empowering local law enforcement on immigration; pursuing illegal immigrants; revamping visa and refugee programs; strengthening the military; implementing a lobbying ban; ordering a plan to defeat isis in 30 days; repealing two regulations for every new regulation proposed; creating a task force to protect cops and reduce crime; combating international criminal organizations.

Oh, and de-federalizing the transgender bathroom mess.  And that’s just the condensed version. As my friend Andy McCarthy put it, Trump’s directives can all be summed up in one sentence: “Henceforth, the United States shall be governed by the laws of the United States.”

We’ve got a President who fights back. He’s the most transparent President we’ve ever had — there’s nothing hidden, nothing subtle, nothing under the covers. It’s all right up front. If Trump thinks the press is the enemy, he says so; he tells them to their faces he thinks they’re the enemy. This is scandalizing the media, the establishment, the left, and the entire conventional political order.

The media can sense they’re being tuned out, which has really got their noses out of joint. They’ve lost the ability to determine the agenda. It’s Trump who’s setting the narrative every day, not them. Do you realize the amount of control the drive-bys have lost, and how livid they are about it?

I’ll tell you what’s happening here, folks. America is getting a good look at the Democrat Party’s agenda. Normally Democrats have to hide who they are in order to win elections. There’s a reason Obama wasn’t honest about his true intentions for Obamacare and what would really happen to your plan and your doctor and your premium. He would never have been elected if he’d told Americans he intended to open the borders and let dubious people in.

Democrats have had to lie about what they believe, and have often run for office sounding quasi-conservative. On the campaign trail, the policies they promote are far more mainstream than their actual extreme, hard-leftism. But now, being out of power and apparently convinced they’re in the midst of the apocalypse, they have discarded the camouflage. Their radicalism is totally open. The American people are seeing just exactly who these unhinged people are.  It was just suppressed. Under Obama especially the true nature of his Party’s activists was hidden, because he soaked up all the oxygen in the room.

But now look what’s happening. America is getting a good look at the Democrat Party — who they are, what they think, how they behave, what their agenda is. Ditto the media. The American people are getting a firsthand, wide-open look at the media’s sympathies like never before.

Trump’s America-first leadership means: “The United States shall be governed by the laws of the United States.” This is revolutionary. The extent of illegal immigration and its costs are getting exposure like never before. All it takes is Trump sending out an Executive Order declaring he will enforce the immigration laws, and these forces bring their anti-Trump insanity to the surface. And no longer hidden are Obamacare’s failures. They’re no longer protected by Obama’s deceitful pronouncements or by the media.

The unhinged, hateful nature of the left; fake news, the media’s obvious bias and having thrown in with the Democrats; the Deep State; the facts, figures, and costs of illegal immigration; the unrest, crime, and instability from massive refugee migration; all of the Obamacare failures. All that has broken through.

SOURCE—mika brzezinski, morning joe, palm beach post, rick lowry,




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