5 Lib Lies About Their Own Popularity– Running the Numbers-

5 Lib Lies About Their Own Popularity– Running the Numbers—42GH.,B26

LIE 1: Hillary won the popular vote! Liberalism is large and in charge! Fact: Clinton’s entire popular vote margin came from just one state: California. Trump won the popular votes in 30 out of 50 states — with 304 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 227 — and he carried 2,623 out of 3,112 counties (84%). Trump’s America: 3,000,000 square miles (85%); Clinton’s America: 530,000 square miles (15%).

Sources: vividmaps.com, New York Times, PolitiFact

LIE 2: Liberals own the future — conservatives are a tiny fringe, withering away. Fact: Conservatism is flourishing. Conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 states. (The only exceptions: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Plus D.C.)

Sources: Washington Post, Gallup

LIE 3: Blocking highways, agitating, violently protesting, and “community organizing” are rocketing liberals into power everywhere at the local level. Fact: Liberals are virtually impotent. Republicans now control 67 state legislative chambers; Democrats run just 31. There are 33 Republican governors, to 16 Democrats. Republicans have 25 state “trifectas,” holding the governorship, state senate, and state house. Democrats control only six, the fewest in history.

Source: Ballotpedia.org

LIE 4: Liberals’ belief that government should do more is popular with Americans. Fact: Americans reject the central thesis of liberalism and side with conservatives, preferring limited government, a pillar of the American founding.

Source: Pew Research Center

LIE 5: The liberal ideal that government can fix our problems is popular with young people. Fact: Dwindling trust in government is a universal American belief across generations.

source–nyt, politifact, vividmaps.com, wash post,gallup, ballotpedia.org, pew


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