Bits and Pieces—Odds and Ends–

Bits and Pieces—Odds and Ends—9h                                                                     3/12/17

Ca. republicans are asking Trump adm. to block a $650 million grant for CA., for a bullet train project.

Why is Pelosi supporting a boondoggle that has cost billions and has produced nothing.

Per Gov. Jerry Brown “bullet-head” was estimated to be $33 billion for a system that would carry virtually no passengers, from San Diego to Sacramento.

Since its start the cost has risen to $64 billion.

16 states that are ban Shariah Law in their states—AL,ARK,FL,IN,IA,KY,MI,MO,NC,OK,SC,TX,WV,WY,VA.

How about this new bill in congress—“The Environmental Protection Agency shall be terminated on Dec. 31,2018.

Obama crimes—still around–grabbed almost a trillion dollars for stimulus spending, created virtuly zero private sector jobs with it, great deal of the money to vanish into thin air, complained he needed hundreds of billion to repair roads and bridges.  Operation Fast and furious, Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress, Holder first sitting member of the presidents cabinet in the history of the USA to be held in contempt of Congress.  Spying on journalist, the IRS scandals where conservatives groups were targeted. Hillary’s secret server, the NSA scandal–look up the “Pigford scandal”

Trump to ask Congress for $1 trillion for infrastructure, make childcare accessible and affordable, have paid family leave, to invest in women’s health, clean air and water, paid off time when a baby is born.

Rasmussen poll found 63% of Americans wanr Dems to work with trump!



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