Why is Pelosi backing 1 of history’s biggest scams?-

Why is Pelosi backing 1 of history’s biggest scams?—43JH.,43

In today’s issue: Savage noted the news that California Republicans are asking the Trump administration to block a $650 million grant for California’s bullet train project.

“Now, that is a good story. As you well know, it’s a boondoggle of the worst kind,” he said.

“This is one of the greatest scams in all of history. This beats the Big Dig in Boston. You talk about a boondoggle for union workers and for corrupt unions and contractors.”

Savage continued:

Stall it! Stop the fake bullet train.

It’s the nation’s largest infrastructure project, largely unknown outside of the corrupt Central Valley, and, my friends, it was done by who? California Demon cats.

And who’s giving the support for it? None other than Nancy Coo Coo Clock Pelosi.

Why? Ohh, now there’s a story for those of you geniuses on the San Francisco Chronicle, toot toot.

It you’d only stop tooting and start reporting, maybe somebody would buy your rag.

Now why would Nancy Pelosi want to support a boondoggle that has cost billions of dollars and has produced nothing?

The nation’s largest infrastructure project? Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars gone up in smoke?

And the people at the Chronicle toot, toot, toot?

My friends, cut off the federal money.

This is Jerry Brown’s signature project. Even though the state is bankrupt.

The original cost of Jerry Brown’s ‘bullet-head’ was estimated to be $33 billion, for a system that would carry virtually no passengers, from San Diego to Sacramento.

Originally estimated by the corrupt Democrats to be 33 bill.

Pay attention. Since then, the cost has risen to $64 billion.  Are you listening to what I just said to you?

Why should this even be built? It has destroyed croplands. And, by the way, where are all the greens on this? Where are all the green maniacs who are so concerned about the loss of arable land and global warming, when it’s farmland that has been destroyed by this project?



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