FBI Clears Trump — Staffers Unaware They Talked to Russian Intel Officers-

FBI Clears Trump — Staffers Unaware They Talked to Russian Intel Officers-5.58jh.,b36.58

Following President Donald Trump’s surprising upset of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Democrats and their lapdogs in the media embarked on creating a narrative asserting that Trump and his people had knowingly colluded with the Russian government to deny Clinton her due victory.

Though the narrative was and continues to be rather far-fetched, prominent politicians and pundits have doggedly continued to push the idea that there is some sort of unholy alliance between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, recent remarks from the FBI and other intelligence officials, reported by the mainstream media, have pulled the rug out from under that particular narrative.

ABC News issued a breathless report about how the Russians were attempting to develop contacts and acquire a mole inside the White House, yet ABC itself noted it was something the Russians have done for decades since the Cold War, not at all an “unprecedented” move — or even anything out of the ordinary.

The network even seemed to contradict its own narrative further by the sixth paragraph when it wrote: “A senior intelligence official told ABC News last night that no evidence gathered by the FBI so far suggests Trump associates knew they were talking to Russian intelligence officers.”

The news of there being absolutely no evidence proving collusion between Trump’s team and the Russians might have been downplayed by ABC, but it was also reported by NBC News reporter Pete Williams, according to The Daily Wire.

Speaking to anchor Craig Melvin about the ongoing FBI investigation of alleged collusion, Williams reported, “They found no indication that there was any collusion. The number of these contacts was not a large number, they were not constant. They were not contacts, as far as the U.S. knows, with Russian intelligence people.”

“One official told me today, ‘You never know with the Russians,’ but there is no confirmed connection between these Trump associates and any Russian intelligence figures,” Williams added.

NBC’s Pete Williams reports (as we have all along) that investigators have found no collusion between Trump campaign and contacts in Russia. When these reports revealing there is no evidence so far to support the allegations of collusion are viewed alongside the provocative actions Russia has made in recent days, such as cruising a spy ship and up and down the East Coast of the U.S., buzzing U.S. naval vessels in international waters with military jets or deploying missiles in violation of bilateral deals, the whole “Trump and Putin are BFF’s” narrative simply crumbles.

The media may want to find some other sort of scandal with which to bring down their sworn enemy, Trump — or perhaps they can simply report the news and allow the American people to formulate their own opinions on the matters at hand.

source-conservative tribune, fbi, abc, daily wire, craig melvin,nbc


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