The reason The petition put before the City Council was voted down by them, even though it had the proper number of verified signatures–(2600).  The petition read–“We, the citizens of St. Joseph, Mo, PETITION the City Council to STOP the vote regarding, Blacksnake Creek Detention Basin, Storm Water Calvert, Tunnel drop shaft, Tunnel conveyance to Missouri River, improved Roy’s Branch stream, Missouri River outfall and holding for this Petition: NOT Green Project, “NO” matching funds, unlawful bidding procedures, noncompliance of Sunshine Law and Unlawful Taxing of citizens:

To the Honorable State and Federal leadership from the state of Missouri, we as taxpaying citizens are not being heard and we need your help in insuring that the city of St. Joseph, Missouri is not being forced into spending millions of dollars without due explanation and total review of all quoted projects before a decision is made by the city council handcuffing generations of St. Joseph residence to years of increased “SEWER” and other “TAXES” to pay for this project, “NO” matching funds nor grants have been obtained.

We do not need another issue to hit our city like the School Board issue we are still investigating!

The taxpayers of St. Joseph need your help.  We are asking you to please review, investigate and ask questions on this proposal–CSO–(combined sewer overflow) known as the Blacksnake Creek Project.  Currently the total cost will be passed on to the taxpayers of St. Joseph, Mo without any Federal or State help!

It is my understanding that the city council and the city manager are pushing this project costing and initial $70 million to upwards of $300-500 million, how can a city of 75,000 pay for this?

It is also my understanding that other quotes and designs were submitted but were not given the proper review examination, nor explanation of design or cost?

Black and Veach has also charged the city $10million to do research for fund raising–federal money/grants–nothing?

Also why has the city hired B&V to do clerical work which the staff at city hall is capable of doing?—Costing us thousands in extra wages.????

Missouri Representative Mr. Galen Higdon was able to stop the Basin project as he saw the results of a 8-9″ rain in this flood plain, no flooding!

The city is apparently doing  an end run as they are now working on the project which continues on from where this basin was to be.  This is the meat of the project–where the dollars will go!

They are looking at a system from the basin to the river, which includes a tunnel system and at least 5 holding tanks. All of this in spite of the petition requesting further investigation and bids.

One councilman, had a firm from St. Louis come up and review this and they did not agree with the way B&B was going to do the work.

I also understand that in all of the proposal done by B&V there is no mention of maintenance for their type of system, the tubes etc, clean up of trash and trees that would block a tunnel entrance and cause flooding due to blockage.

They are now also wanting to cut down over 1100 trees in this area, but do not know what to do about the “BAT” population living in these trees–surely the wildlife commission would like to know.

Is the EPA aware of how they are planning on doing this project and are the cost in line with the work???

I have already had two sewer tax increases which almost doubled what my water bill is—hard to understand how I’m putting out more than I take in??  We are being told to expect these taxes to double over the cost of the project, as I said earlier, there are NO matching funds or grants due to the design?



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