Trump, like Obama, signs flurry of first week executive actions-

Trump, like Obama, signs flurry of first week executive actions–26gh.,b12-1

President Trump’s first week in office has been marked by a series of significant executive actions as he looks to start in on some of his key priorities.

Presidents have a handful of tools to push through policy without waiting on Congress—including executive orders and the less formal process of presidential memoranda. Both allow the president to direct executive agencies on how he wants them to enforce existing law.

Trump’s pace of six orders and eight memoranda in his first seven days puts him roughly on pace with former President Barack Obama’s first week in office. But Trump and Obama both dwarfed other recent presidents in their use of executive actions early in their term.

Here’s a look at how many actions each of the last five presidents made during their first week in office, according to data compiled from White House archives and the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Trump’s first moves were lifted right from his presidential bid: an order calling for agencies to minimize the “burden” of ObamaCare ahead of the impending repeal, along with a memorandum freezing all new government regulations.

On Monday, Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and announced a federal hiring freeze.

The same day, he announced the institution of an expanded version of the Mexico City policy, a Reagan-era rule suspended by Democratic presidents that forbids federal money from going to foreign nonprofits that receive perform or support abortions outside of America.

Later this week, Trump instituted measures dealing with pipelines and manufacturing: ordering pipelines to use as much American-made material as possible, reauthorizing the Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines and calling for expedited reviews for companies looking to build new factories.

Trump’s next two executive orders dealt with other major campaign promises—starting the construction of a wall on the Mexican border and another that laid out policies on deportations.

He closed out his first week with two Friday actions. One order banned immigration from Syria while pausing all refugee admissions while a memorandum called for a rebuilding of the military

Barack Obama—6 Executive Orders, 9 Presidential Memoranda.

George W. Bush—0 Executive Orders, 2 Presidential Memoranda

Bill Clinton—2 Executive Orders, 6 Presidential Memoranda

George H.W. Bush—1 Executive Order, 0 Presidential Memoranda

source– ben kamisar,


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