Revealed: Who Obama Gave $400K Grant To In Last Week of Presidency-

Revealed: Who Obama Gave $400K Grant To In Last Week of Presidency– / February 2, 2017 -4Fh.,B28

It’s been unveiled that President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a $400,000 grant to a radical anti-Trump organization just a week before the transition of presidencies.

On Jan. 13, Obama and the DHS handed out $400K to the ‘Life After Hate’ group, claiming it was a grant designed to fight the concept of radical Islam.

Christian Picciolini, co-founder and chairman of the organization, has been more than just a vocal opponent of the current president, Donald Trump.

Picciolini has taken to social media platforms such as Twitter to make calls for action against Trump.

He has suggested the President be overthrown and has even accused the Republican of being a Nazi and implied advocacy for his death before the inauguration.

The DHS announced the grants in a press release on January 13, awarding grants to 31 different projects intended to “counter violent extremism.”

Below is a list of degrading tweets about President Trump from Picciolini, a man Obama believed to be deserving of the grant:

source–dennis lynch, christian picciolini, dean daniels

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