Wile E. Coyote Democrats

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It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun watching the news. Every scheme the Wile E. Coyote Democrats devise blows up in their faces. They call up Acme, put in their order for Acme Trump Attacks, lay out the tripwire, and boom. The blowback is fierce — on the Democrat attackers, and their Wile E. Media accomplices.

Every. Single. Time. I loved seeing Donald Trump say to cnn’s Jim Acosta, “No, you’re not getting a question. You’re fake news.” I love it because it’s true. Acosta pulled the pin on the grenade, and it went off in his lap. Everyone involved in the stupid Russian “golden shower” dossier — particularly cnn — ended up with Acme egg on their faces.

On January 15, a bunch of “health care advocates” descended on the Trump Tower restaurant in New York to protest the coming repeal of Obamacare. Waving “Trumpcare Makes Us Sick” signs, according to The New York Daily News, these Democrat activists started coughing and retching all over the restaurant. Yes, they actually staged a “cough-in” — to try to stop Donald Trump from pulling the plug on Obamacare. All they did was gross New Yorkers out — and make them ask what “Trumpcare” is, and where they can get it.

Trump is the left’s nemesis, and their obsession to bring him down is making them delusional, but they are not going to stop. And the more their Acme sabotages don’t work, the more they’ll double down. The Wile E. Drive-Bys have no idea why the anvils keep landing on their own heads. They’re trying to destroy Roadrunner Trump and his team in the age-old ways they’ve always succeeded, but it’s all backfiring.

Last August, in “Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism,” The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg urged the media to throw out “journalistic norms” — and basically use any rhetorical means necessary to stop Trump. Even if you have to make it up. This Acme gambit obviously didn’t work. So now Wile E. Rutenberg has a follow-up: “As Trump Berates News Media, a New Strategy Is Needed to Cover Him.”

Rutenberg called Trump a “master media manipulator.” Why? Because the left can’t figure out how to destroy him. In their world, taking out a Republican is simple, because Republicans traditionally cower and cave. If you accuse them of something, they’ll fade into the background, or resign. But the tried-and-true techniques don’t work on Trump. It can’t be that they’re inept. No, they’re the smart ones! So of course Trump must be a manipulator.

What’s Trump manipulating? The minds of news consumers! Trump is engaging in chicanery! Trickery! Trump is somehow making people not believe what the media says about him. The audacity! Trump fights back, and in their world, Trump convincing people to disbelieve the media is against the rules.

But they have no Plan B, except to order the next Acme sabotage. Cue the Roadrunner: “Beep-beep.” And ka-boom!

source–jim acosta, cnn, nyt, jim rutenburg, wile rutenberg,


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