The news Digest–rush–jan

The news Digest–rush–jan–39gh.,b71

Nutcases:   Well, this is a downer. Here’s the headline in The [UK] Daily Mail: “10,000 Critically Endangered ‘Scrotum Frogs’ Are Found Dead at Lake Titicaca.” Talk about a kick in the pants. Known officially as Telmatobius culeus, the rare frogs — nicknamed for their resemblance to the, uh, family jewels — had shriveled so much in population that the species was on the critically endangered list. Then in October, at a large lake that straddles Peru and Bolivia with the unfortunate name of Titicaca, tragedy unfolded. Scads of the critters, well, croaked. Ballsy members of a local eco-nut group, the Committee Against the Pollution of the Coata River, stormed the Peruvian city of Puno holding up roughly 100 of the dead frogs. The activists demanded justice, or at least that those in charge be sacked. And that’s the Scrotum Frogs’ plight, in a nutshell.


Hold Your Breath:   “The Grandfather of Global Warming,” James Hansen, is at it again. In Earth System Dynamics Discussions — one of my favorite journals — Hansen warns the end is near. In an article titled “Young People’s Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions,” Hansen and 11 co-authors say the only way to save the planet is by sucking 100 gigatons of carbon out of the atmosphere. To reduce CO2 levels, he wants U.S. courts to force the energy industry to set aside money now —hundreds of trillions of dollars” — because young people won’t be able to afford it. According to Inside Climate News, Hansen et al. analyzed how “today’s warming compares to … an even warmer period … 130,000 to 115,000 years ago,” when the sea levels were much higher. How can that be? Were Neanderthals driving SUVs? Actually, the planet is signaling that Grandfather Hansen’s carbon footprint is about over.

Hold the Corn:  For decades, liberals were hot on ethanol. Biofuels would replace eeeevil fossil fuels, they claimed, to solve global warming. Computer models (funded by the Department of Energy [doe]) showed that biofuels were “carbon neutral.” So, over the years, the federal government has shelled out billions of taxpayer dollars on ethanol subsidies. Then University of Michigan research professor John DeCicco decided to check the government’s math; he did his own study. Well, oops. UPI reports DeCicco found that biofuels actually increase co2 emissions. He calculated that from 2005 through 2013, crops grown for biofuels on U.S. farmland increased absorption of carbon by 49 teragrams — while burning the biofuels added 132 teragrams of carbon to the atmosphere. Since one teragram is one million metric tons, that’s a whole lot of carbon. DeCicco’s conclusion: corn made into ethanol and other biofuels “turned out to be a climate mistake.” What a colossal, society-wide waste of time, money, and resources! Blame the flakes at the doe.

WHO’s Your Daddy;  The World Health Organization [who] is supposed to be fighting disease, but instead has decided to fight for … the lovelorn. As reported by The [UK] Express, people who lack a sexual partner yet desire to have children are considered by who to be disabled. Because everyone has a “right to reproduce.” Yes, under new who laws, single heterosexuals unable to find a hookup, as well as gay men and women wanting children, can now apply for in vitro fertilization [IVF] as “disabled.” They’ll be given the same priority as a couple seeking treatment for a medical condition. One-stop shopping: get your free IVF handicap stickers, escort services, and a disability allowance. Because liberalism is a mental condition.

Monumental:  The National Park Service [NPS] was established to manage federal land, historical sites, and parks like the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty. Well, that was the old days. Now, NPS is LGBTQ central. According to LifeZette, a new Park Service report “identifies places and events associated with the civil rights struggle of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified Americans.” According to Sally Jewell, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, the initiative was designed to “ensure that the National Park Service reflects and tells a more complete story of the people and events responsible for the building of this nation.” The government has identified over 1,300 locations — which include bathhouses, hospitals, and bridges — that “deserve recognition,” as Time reports. Let’s see, we have Valley Forge National Historic Park, Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, and now, as suggested by the Park Service, Ariston Bathhouse Historic Site in New York City. Oh, and the Fruit Loop gay neighborhood in Las Vegas which featured … a leather bar. Not exactly what Teddy Roosevelt had in mind when he created the National Park system.

Resurrection Island:  Reports of the Marshall Islands’ death have been greatly exaggerated. As our old buddy Bjørn Lomborg reports in The Wall Street Journal, environmentalist wackos are always wailing that the Pacific Island chain is sliding into the sea because of climate change. Nope. As new research by Auckland [NZ] University scientists Murray Ford and Paul Kench shows, the Marshall Islands are … growing. Yes, believe it or not, someone actually checked the beach. Ford and Kench compared the shoreline on several of the islands from the mid-20th century to that of today, and found that the total land area of the Marshall Islands has noticeably increased. But don’t expect the left to admit it. Take Marshall Islands’ President Hilda Heine, who claimed residents are fleeing the islands because “climate change is threatening the nation’s existence.” Lomborg points out the exodus is due to the fact that the local economy sucks wind — over 52 percent of the population lives below the poverty line and only 39 percent are unemployed. “Hype and exaggeration serve no one,” Lomborg warns. Well, no one except the hacks in politics, the media, academia, and the environmentalist wacko movement.

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