News Digest—rush–feb-

News Digest—rush–feb–39gh.,b71

Acid Upset;  A bunch of scientists think the earth’s atmosphere could use a good burp. To “cure” global warming, they’ve apparently been inspired by their medicine cabinets. In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — one of my favorite journals — a group of Harvard researchers advocated shooting aerosolized calcium carbonate into the atmosphere. As reported by Bloomberg, physics professor David Keith says the particulates would neutralize airborne acid particles, “akin to giving the atmosphere a handful of antacid tablets.” Oh what a relief it is. But there’s a downside, says skeptic Eric Worrall, who points out in WattsUpWithThat that “aerosolized calcium carbonate” — crushed limestone dust — is much denser than water, with “a pumice-like consistency.” So these geoengineering geniuses would, in effect, be pumping pollutants into the air, making it dangerous to breathe. Which fits, since the global warming crowd thinks the eradication of humanity is just dandy, as long as the planet gets healed.

Electric Shock:  The sound you hear is the sobbing of duped Prius owners. According to Green Car Congress, a new study published in Atmospheric Environment — yes, you guessed it, one of my favorite journals —found that total emissions from electric vehicles equal emissions from internal combustion vehicles. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means electric cars aren’t any “cleaner” than gasoline-burners. Your Prius isn’t “saving the planet.” For once, this research team added in all the real-life pollution “costs” — they factored in the additional weight of electric vehicles, tire wear, brake wear, road wear, and road dust. Turns out, the electric cars generate more pollutants from road dust and road wear than cars that run on eeeevil gasoline, which balances out other factors. And these researchers didn’t even calculate for the source of the electricity that powers electric cars: fossil fuels.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT:  For Crayon Out Loud Students used to de-stress with a pickup game of basketball, a movie, or stealthy adult beverage. Now colleges offer the snowflake generation a dumbed-down way to chill out: coloring. The Washington Free Beacon notes that the Virginia Military Institute [vmi] is handing out coloring books to cadets feeling end-of-semester jitters. vmi’s “Stress Busters” program “is an opportunity for cadets to unwind and relax before studying for finals … [and] includes stress-reduction activities such as yoga, therapy dogs, coloring book stations, card/game stations, and grab-and-go snacks to take with you on your way to study!” Likewise, during December finals at Columbia University, students were provided with “fun and relaxing activities” including coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, and puppies. “Free cookies” were also offered,

Minimum Common Sense Actions, meet consequences. A “grassroots” effort by the Service Employees International Union and other leftists to raise the minimum wage is about to price a lot of people out of a job. The incessant “Fight for $15” picketing of fast-food businesses is prompting McDonald’s to replace human cashiers with self-serve kiosks to avoid a McLoss. As McDonald’s former ceo Ed Rensi explains in Forbes: “The push for a $15 starter wage has negatively impacted the career prospects of employees who were just getting started in the workforce while extinguishing the businesses that employed them.” Problem is, the common sense gene is missing in liberals, who believe that every business should operate as a non-profit. So they will continue to push for a higher and higher minimum wage, while more and more minimum-wage jobs will be filled by robots.

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