1. fiction- Clinton has 90% change of winning –303 electoral votes to Trumps 235–nyt

fact-Trump triumphs.-nyt

  1. fiction-we’re going to wake up in the morning to a brexit-like (crash) reaction in the stock market-nbc

fact-dow closes up 250 points-cnbc

  1. fiction-global markets have been collapsing overnight-Andrea Mitchell

fact-Trump presidency would mean for growth, that kind of response helped send futures volumes to historic records in the wake of the win.wsj

  1. fiction-trump is going to get historic low numbers amongst Latinos, if he breaks 20% it would be a good night for him.cnn

fact-trump got 29%, also did better with blacks, Hispanics.nbc

  1. fiction-this was a white-lash against a changing country against a black president in part-Van Jones

fact-Hillary did win 88% of blacks, Trump-8%.cbs

  1. fiction-a campaign of racism and bigotry, living through a pushback against the advancement of African Americans of Hispanic of women, of Muslim Americans–Jamelle Bouie

fact-blacks and Latinos voted more for Trump -Mother Jones

  1. fiction-white and wealthy voters gave victory to Trump-UK Guardian

fact-electoral map largely rural backlash against a country where wealth and power have increasingly accrued to the Demo cities-Bloomberg

  1. fiction-trump marks the decline of religious conservatism in American politics-Richard Painter

fact-Evangelical leaders say trump will deliver on the political promises he made them.  a conservative supreme court, defunding Planned parenthood, obc, same sex marriage, coverage for birth control-nyt trump won Evangelical votes 81-16, white college graduates by 4%.npr

  1. fiction-Early exit poll Clinton winning ground game-politico

fact-Clinton vaunted GOTV operation may have turned out Trump voters-Huffington post

  1. Dem’s prognosticators bad night is simple–FBI director James Comey-Wash Post

fact-asked to name what most mattered most to their  vote, 39% wanted a candidate who can bring needed change.

  1. fiction-Clinton was in some kind of trouble related to e-mails.-Matthew Yglesias

fact-study 91% of coverage on evening news was negative to Trump. A year long DataFace study more negative articles about Trump than Clinton during the campaign. Quinnipac 55% of likely voters said the media was biased against Trump.

  1. fiction- strong sentiment about not having a woman president-abc

fact-women were predicted to come out in force to vote, for the first female President and against a man who demeaned them. -nyt   Trump beat Clinton among white women by 10 points, white working class women 62 to 34%

  1. fiction-Amanda Cox the model clearly indicated that Clinton was the 90% plus electoral college favorite based on polling data–nyt

fact-Wash Times Trafalgar group had accurate polling because they recognized a ‘shy” Trump effect due to media bullying, Trafalgar correctly called the Trump win with 306 votes the day before  the election.

  1. fiction-if the women most qualified person ever to run for the white house couldn’t break through–who can?–Andrea Mitchell

fact-Obama’s endorsement mean squat, in 2008 he has presided over the loss of 1000 demo seats during three wave election —national review, wash post

15.. fiction-you can’t claim to have run a clean campaign if you call your opponent  ‘at deaths door”-Chris Matthews

fact- 44% of registered voters believed Clinton health would negatively impact her ability to serve as President while 41% called her health poor.  56% of Americans disagreed with the FBI’s decision not to charge Clinton for her use of a private email server. abc, wash post

  1. fiction- it’s as if the nation is enduring dome kind of curse. Bob Schieffer

fact-we’re going to make America great again.


source –those above, rush



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