Trump not taking it and is attacking the Fake news reports like those coming from Buzzfeed

MTV attacked Sessions granddaughter because she’s oriental.

should terror attack victims be able to sue twitter and facebook over attacks.

Eric Bolling of Fox is being blamed for the police being called “pigs” because he wanted a painting removed that showed the police with pigs faces beating people.


Trump needs to separated his personal business from that he will be doing for the government–already done!

Most of his cabinet picks are not taking a salary. They are not looking to get rich from these jobs like some in the past–“Clintons”.

These cabinet members have all run businesses, hiring, building and firing.

L.L. Bean under attack for backing Trump, and the dem’s are boycotting them.

There are 80 companies on the liberals black list.

CA governor announced that they will no longer spend money on low income housing because it too expensive to build–1/10/17.  due to regulations!

It now takes $233,610.00 to raise a child today w/o college added in.


Companies announcing future hiring–Amazon, Fiat, Alibaba.

Mexico willing to talk to Trump over trade and the wall.

Lockheed-Martin willing to talk about the cost of their planes.

Toyota talking about a $10b investment in the USA.

Did you know China forbids foreign ownership of their companies?


America needs to cut taxes, too many dollars going to the government are being wasted. I.E. the shovel ready jobs, bailouts  of the Obama stimulus.

Government needs to cut spending.

Insurance premiums going up this year around 30%.

Protest being held and backed by SEIU for the $15.00 mim. wage.

8 million jobs have been lost to automation.

Average Walmart workers makes a average of over $13.00 hour.

3% of the American workers make minimum wage.

Deputy inspector General looking at the FBI and DOJ investigations into the Clinton E-mail scandal


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