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Crime scene re-creation

When a student at the University of Southern Maine [USM] scrawled some graffiti, heads rolled and cops were summoned. But not because campus property was defaced. No, the hubbub ensued over the message: a phrase in Latin, “Deus Vult,” meaning “God wills it.” Apparently, Crusaders said this. In the 11th century. So Latin is no longer a dead language; it’s a hate crime. As reported by The Portland [ME] Press Herald, the student wrote the phrase in tiny letters on a desk and wall in the student government office. Immediately, bat-crap-crazy lib crusaders deployed. USM President Glenn Cummings condemned the “anti-Muslim graffiti.” Student body vice president Mike Raymond called the phrase “coded language” designed “to intimidate a specific group of people.” Counselors were made available for distraught snowflakes. A rally was held to support Muslim students. Ultimately, a campus police report was sent to the Maine Attorney General’s office, to investigate the graffiti as a possible hate crime. Two student senators were accused of a cover-up and resigned as personae non gratae. So what other bona fide Crusader-Latin terms will be deletus, terminated, by genius universities? Alma mater? Quid pro quo? Meanwhile, Deus Vult.

All the Rage

An investment opportunity is exploding in deep-blue Democrat areas. I’m referring to “Anger Rooms,” where stressed-out liberal voters can vent their frustrations by smashing furniture and other breakables in an atmosphere billed as “fun and safe.” As reported by The New York Times, entrepreneur Donna Alexander charges $25 for five minutes of “crushing printers, alarm clocks, glass cups, vases,” and TVs in a “safe room” with your weapon of choice — baseball bat, two-by-four, sledgehammer. A “demolition package” lasting 25 minutes goes for $75. Similar rooms have sprung up in other cities, and there’s a traveling “rage show” to angst-ridden Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Business is booming at the Dallas Anger Room, where a Trump effigy is bashed by angry customers wielding baseball bats. “We’ve gone through at least three of the male mannequins that we have to dress up as Donald Trump,” says Ms. Alexander. Of course. Violent Trumper-Tantrum rooms are fitting outlets for “tolerant” lefties.

Bird Brains

You’ve heard that cow farts cause global warming. Now comes news that seabird poop causes Arctic cooling. That’s according to a new study from Colorado State University atmospheric scientists Jeff Pierce and Jack Kodros, as reported by Science Daily. Through observation and computer modeling (which we know is never wrong), the researchers found that ammonia from seabird guano produces atmospheric particles. These form cloud droplets that “reflect sunlight back to space for a net cooling effect.” Yes, reflective poop clouds are good for the planet — but alas, according to LiveScience, the discovery is “not an effect that is going to counteract global warming.” Of course not. Because the whole bird-poop-cools-the-Arctic process is “complicated,” says Science. Here’s something that’s not complicated: the manmade-global-warming agenda is full of crap.

source-rush, usm president glenn cummings, nyt, co state u., jeff pierce, jack kodros


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