1.Police brutality and excessive force are common:  Fact according to DOJ over 98% of olice interactions with the public are peaceful—

positive contact–62.9m police-civilian interactions—-3.1m arrest (5%), 1.4m street cops stops (2.3%), 26.2M traffic stops (42%), Traffic accidents, roadside assistance, anti-crime programs-(50.8%)—only 4% complaints filed.

source-bureau of justice statistic for 2011.

2.Cops ambush people minding their own business.  fact–dangerous people ambush cops.

In harm’s way–how 563,030 cops were assaulted 2005-14—-civil disorder-1.3%, handling person with mental illness-2.2%—investigating suspicious person/circumstance-9.4%—traffic pursuit stop–9.6%–handling transporting custody of prisoner-12.6%–ambush situation-0.4%.  Disturbance call–31.9%, Arrest situation-all other-14.7%.

Death Blow–how 505 cops were killed, 2005-14

handling transporting custody of prisoner 2.2%, investigative activity-5%, ambush entrapment-7.1%, tactical situation-9.7%, unprovoked attack-11.3%, disturbance call-12.3%. handling person with mental illness-1.8%,investigating suspicious person/circumstance-13.5%.   Arrest situation-18.8%, traffic pursuit stops-18.4%.

sources-fbi, national law enforcement officers memorial fund.

3.Cops exaggerate the risks of police work.  Fact–It’s the most dangerous job in America.  Nearly 50,000 police officers were assaulted in 2013 alone–20,789 killed since 1791.

Officers killed in the line of duty:

2005-160, 2007-190, 2010-160, 2012-135, 2014-123, 2015-125, 2016-105 as of oct!


4.Cops target black people.  Fact-street and traffic stops are proportional among races; the largest plurality of the tiny percentage killed are white (75% are other than black).

stopped by cops—-blacks 12.2%, hispanic-16.3%, asian-4.6%, whites-63.7%–% of us population

stopped on the street—     blacks 12.4%, hispanic-15.3%, asian-3.6%, whites-65.2%—% of us population

stopped in traffic—blacks 12.6%, hispanic-12.2%, asian-4%, whites-69.3%—% of population

killed by cops—of 63millon annual interactions, 761 fatal shootings in 2016.

whites–46%, blacks-24%, hispanic-17%, n/a-0.4%, other women-0.6%, black women-1%, white women-2%, other men-9%

source–dept of justice statics, daily caller, wash post database.

5.Police hiring practices are inherently racist.  Fact–about 130,000 minority cops were employed in 2013, an increase of 78,000 since 1987.

increasingly diverse police forces—

% of blacks                            year                        % of population

10%                                      1990                       12%

10%                                   2000                       10%

12%                                   2007                       12%

11%                                   2013                       12%

12.2%                               2010

source-governing.com, wsj



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