Obamacare Meltdown-

Obamacare Meltdown—23FH.,B13.14

Joe Biden famously said it was a “big f—ing deal.” Now, though, there’s a surprising level of bipartisan agreement that it’s a big honking disaster. There had been many warning signs, but last week it became official: Obamacare premiums are going up next year by an average of 22 percent. And bear in mind this is an average. Our colleague Mary Katharine Ham wrote an eye-popping column at the Federalist about how her own Obamacare premiums are increasing by 96 percent in the coming year.

Obama repeatedly promised that premiums would go down by an average of $2,500.  The same liberal health care wonks who engaged in years of economic sophistry in defense of Obamacare have finally stopped pretending the law is an epic achievement. Obama himself recently compared his signature reform to Samsung’s spate of cell phones that have been exploding and catching fire.

A popular talking point is that the impact of the premium increases will be minimal because 86 percent of the people purchasing insurance from Obamacare’s exchanges are receiving federal subsidies. they want the GOP to join Democrats in making the penalties for being uninsured much more punitive. This will, in theory, force young and healthy people to overpay for comprehensive Obama-care plans they don’t need—precisely because they’re young and healthy. Bleeding these people financially would help pay for the aforementioned subsidies.

Imagine how you’d feel if you woke up one day and your car insurance policy had doubled in price because the government mandated that it had to cover oil changes, new wiper blades, and tire rotation.

There will clearly be a big push for a “public option.” In other words, since major insurers with 70 years of administrative experience can’t make money selling policies that comply with Obamacare’s ill-advised strictures and mandates, let’s create a federally run insurance provider, which is going to work great and be super understanding about the need to pay for extra cancer treatments. The federal insurer will, while losing lots of taxpayer money, undercut private insurers and drive them out of business, leaving us with a single-payer government health system, which has been the goal of honest liberal advocates all along.

After the electoral beatings congressional Democrats have taken over Obamacare, they’d be politically foolish to embrace an even more radical version. WikiLeaks emails have recently revealed that Clinton and her team seek “the unraveling” of Obamacare.

But if there’s a silver lining, it’s that a Democratic president could make it easier for congressional Democrats to look the other way as she cleans up the big f—ing mess Obama left behind.

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