Predictions of the Hillary Clinton Presidency??

Predictions of the Hillary Clinton Presidency??—47Hj.,b43

The transformation of the United States from a democratic republic to a socialist oligarchy is well under way and will continue apace in the next four years.  The America we grew up in during the sixties and seventies is gone.  Guess it depends on your perspective.

The following predictions are not in any particular order.

  1. Hilary Clinton will win in an electoral landslide, although the voter turn-out will be low.  Credit for the victory will go in large part to the turn out of the black vote and minorities mobilized by the Democratic machine.  Trump’s gaffs will keep many away from the polls.
  2. The Black Lives Matter movement will fade away.  Like the One Percent / anti wall street sit-ins when Romney was running, it will be recognized by some that the BLM movement was nothing more than a creation of the Democratic machine, with support from George Soros and others, to mobilize a segment of the population to get them to the polls.
  3. The Democrats will most likely take control of the Senate, although they may not have the 60 votes needed to pass everything they want.
  4. During the Obama administration, when the Democrats had less the sixty senators, they changed the 60 vote rule on certain key issues.  They may expand this “nuclear option” to give them even greater control of the Senate.
  5. The Republicans will hopefully keep control of the House, but that is in doubt.
  6. Following Obama’s precedent, Hillary Clinton will implement a host of executive orders to circumvent Congress.  Like Obama, hers will be an “imperial presidency” where Congress will be relegated to little more than a whipping child being blamed for all the ills of the country, unless the Democrats take control, in which case changes will be made legislatively to reduce the chances of a judicial rebuke.
  7. Hillary Clinton will appoint one or two Supreme Court justices.  The Supreme Court will take a sharp turn to the left locking in a liberal agenda that will continue for the rest of our lifetimes.  The decisions will so alter the plain language of the Constitution, that many observers will acknowledge that it a document of historical interest with no real significance in the coming administration.
  8. The Second Amendment will be effectively repealed by the Supreme Court.  It will be determined that the right to bear arms is limited to the military (“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State . . .” to reference the language in the Second Amendment).
  9. After the Supreme Court does the foregoing, laws will be passed both by states and the federal government outlawing ownership of certain types of guns, likely starting with military style AR-15 and similar weapons.  Owners will be required to turn them in or face stiff consequences.  Additional restrictions will be added over time.  Semi-automatic hand weapons will be next, and so on.  By taking away guns gradually over time the resistance from gun owners will be kept under control.  Ownership of certain guns used for hunting will be permitted, but the guns and the owners will have to be registered with the government.
  10. The incidence of violent crime with guns will not be affected by the gun bans.
  11. Although Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons was delayed by Obama’s massive cash payments to Iran until after he left office, Iran will likely acquire such a weapon during Clinton’s administration, sparking further unrest in that region and an arms race with Saudi Arabia and others.
  12. Israel will cease to exist during our lifetimes.  Clinton will continue the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel policies pursued by Obama.  Ironically, the Jewish minority in this country will continue to vote overwhelmingly Democrat.
  13. The US military will continue its decline, unabated.  Fewer carrier fleets be on active duty due to budget cuts. The standing army will be cut further to the lowest levels in nearly a century. Obama’s purge of the top leadership in our military will be continued, leaving only “yes” men loyal to Clinton’s political agenda.  Russia and China will be emboldened by these cuts and continue their aggressive policies
  14. The Baltic States and Ukraine will, once again, become subjects of Russia either directly or indirectly.  The Chinese will continue to militarize the South China Sea, using the recently created islands as military outposts for intimidating the surrounding countries including Vietnam and the Philippines.  The US will do nothing significant to stop this action.  China will become recognized as the dominant power in the south Pacific.
  15. The few remaining insurance companies still affiliated with Obama Care will pull out.  The Democrats will finally realize their dream:  nationalized, government controlled health care.  Consequences will include:
  16. A continuing decline in the quality of health care started by Obama Care
  17. Continuing and dramatic increases in costs
  18. Government access to your most private information through centralized medical record keeping
  19. Restrictions on health care.  For example, cancer treatment will not be permitted if the patient is over a certain age, details of which will be determined by government bureaucrats (previously described as ‘death panels.’)
  20. Long waiting lists for non-emergent care, such as knee or hip joint replacements
  21. Massive numbers of Muslims and other non-Christian, non-white, immigrants will be brought into the country.  Clinton will quietly advance her open borders policies.  Obama’s closest advisor is Valerie Jarrett, who was born and grew up in Iran.  Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor is Huma Abedin, who grew up in Saudi Arabia and served as an assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1996 to 2008.  The media will never connect the background of these advisors with these policies.
  22. Sharia Law will flourish in Muslim enclaves in this country.  Law enforcement will stand by and not interfere with what occurs in those enclaves, following the French example.  This situation will grow gradually over time and will affect our children much more than us.
  23. During the Obama administration, white Christians moved from the majority to the minority in the US.  This trend will continue, the Clinton administration recognizing that the strength of the Democrats comes from government dependent minorities.  Clinton’s abandonment of white Christian working class voters, manifested in the election campaign, will continue.
  24. The Guantanamo Bay detention center be shut down, and Hillary will return the US Naval base on the east end to Cuba in an act of “reconciliation” with the Communist dictatorship, further diminishing American influence in our hemisphere.
  25. Russia will increase its military presence in Cuba, perhaps taking over the former US Naval Base at Guantanamo.
  26. Several countries in the south Pacific will pivot towards China since the lack of support from the US will be apparent.  The Philippines, a historical ally of the US, will be among the first.
  27. Taxes will increase dramatically, and the increase won’t be limited to “the rich.”  Not only income taxes, but numerous less visible taxes will also be raised to conceal their effect on the middle class, following the pattern established by Obama.
  28. The dramatic increase in government regulation in our daily lives will only continue to increase.  Small business growth will continue to diminish and many small businesses will shut down because of the burdens imposed.
  29. The economy will continue to grow at the lowest pace in decades due to the tax burden and over regulation.
  30. Efforts to nationalize the local police forces, already started by Obama in specific locations (such as Ferguson, Missouri) will continue, further expanding the Federal Government’s control over the states and localities.  Executive orders will be used to further expand federal control over local police forces.
  31. Federal government control of elementary and high school agendas will be increased.  Charter Schools may disaapear.  Obama’s efforts to shut down private colleges outside of direct government control will continue under the HRC presidency.  Increased federal funding for government colleges will provide the basis for increased control over state colleges.
  32. There will be direct assault on fracking, since carbon based fuel sources will remain a target of the Clinton administration, just as coal was a target of the Obama administration.  Onerous federal regulations will be imposed by the EPA, outside of congressional control, sharply curtailing oil production by fracking, assuring American dependence of foreign oil.
  33. During the Obama administration, the power generating capacity of the country has decreased due to the war on coal.  Although the power generating capacity has been able to keep up thus far, rolling brown outs and blackouts will begin to occur as demand surpasses supply.  When this happens the majority of Americans will fail to see the connection between Obama and Clinton’s war on coal and oil as a factor.
  34. The national debt, which doubled during the Obama administration, will continue to grow, unabated.  The stage for a major economic collapse will be set.  Whether the collapse will occur during Clinton’s administration remains to be seen.
  35. Expect military adventures by Clinton, despite her comments to the contrary.  They will be meager and poorly conceived, much like the air campaign on Libya which opened the door for ISIS.  Or the cruise missile attacks by Bill Clinton on the eve of the impeachment vote.  The possibility of a major conflagration is, however, growing given the increased global instability created by America’s withdrawal from the world stage, started by Obama and likely to be continued by Clinton.  There are three forces for war:  the growing militarization of China, Russia and Muslim radicalism.
  36. Crony capitalism will remain a hallmark of the Clinton administration.  Certain business leaders will have favored status and their businesses will thrive, such as the Wall Street banks and General Electric.  Special favor will be given to “green” industries.  The Clinton administration will continue to insert itself into many aspects of business, interfering with the free market system to the detriment of the American people.
  37. President Hillary Clinton’s administration will take vindictive action against Donald Trump.  It may be an aggressive IRS assault, quietly prohibiting the use of Trump properties for government business, criminal charges based on his university or charitable organizations, or something else.  What specific reprisals will be taken is hard to predict.
  38. There will be significant scandals.  They will involve events occurring both before and after she becomes president.  How much we learn about those scandals will depend on whether the House remains in Republican control.



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