REPORT: Insider Releases Bombshell Fact About Hillary’s OB-GYN

REPORT: Insider Releases Bombshell Fact About Hillary’s OB-GYN

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s obstetrician/gynecologist ran a successful practice in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he died in 2010. He performed a variety of services for women that included pre-and post-natal care.

Dr. William F. Harrison also performed some 20,000 abortions.

Author and biographer Paul Kengor wrote in The American Spectator that Harrison was the only doctor in northwest Arkansas to provide this service to women and thus became the state’s leading abortion doctor.

Kengor interviewed Harrison several times from 2006 to 2008 for his book, “God and Hillary Clinton,” in which Harrison admitted he was Clinton’s doctor and friend. He also admitted he had performed tens of thousands of abortions.

In fact, Kengor said the doctor was proud that he had performed the most abortions in Arkansas.

Harrison said he met Clinton in 1974, just after she moved to Arkansas. He met husband Bill Clinton a few years later.

The doctor told Kengor that Clinton had not had any abortions of which he was aware.

Harrison never had a problem with the abortions he performed. He even saw it as a moral act, and told Kengor that what he did was pro-life.

“I am saving lives when I do abortions,” he claimed.

In Harrison’s obituary in The New York Times, he was said to have admitted that abortions destroyed life, but he denied the fact that he killed babies. Harrison did not see an embryo as a human being with a brain.

“The higher moral value to Dr. Harrison was salvaging the future of an often disadvantaged girl or woman,” The Times reported.

In his discussions with Harrison, Kengor presented Harrison with the idea of a President Hillary Clinton and asked the doctor if he believed Clinton would change any pro-life policies.

“Oh, absolutely … I hope to God she does,” the doctor said.

Abortion is an issue Clinton will continue to fight for — and this doctor’s twisted views on it, while shocking, prove how little respect she and the left have for life.

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