secrets the Obamas didn’t want you to know–

secrets the Obamas didn’t want you to know–5gh., b26

As their time in the White House is drawing to a close, we discover more and more secrets about the Obamas that they definitely would not want you to know about.

Private Investigators–Reportedly, Michelle has hired several private investigators to check on what her husband is up to, and some say that there are several infidelity rumors swirling around.

Funeral Selfie-At Nelson Mandela’s funeral memorial service, the President can be seen snapping selfies with attractive Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. More Flirting-After Michelle found out that Barack said that California Attorney General Kamala Harris is “by far the best looking attorney general in the country,” reportedly Barack spent the night sleeping on a couch in the White House.

Shady Friends-One of Obama’s high school friends who he still hangs out with, Bobby Titcomb, was arrested a few years ago for soliciting prostitutes in Hawaii. Some, including Michelle, wonder why Barack continues to associate with someone who was arrested for such a thing.

Party Girl-Malia Obama was reportedly spotted at a particularly wild party in Martha’s Vineyard. Not only that, apparently things got so crazy that she had to be escorted out by security! We wonder what she was up to there.

The State of Their Union-With all of these rumors about infidelities, flirtations, and arguments, some people are also speculating about a potential divorce that may be looming after Barack is finished with this term of his presidency.

Vacation Costs-Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Obama got into an argument when she wanted to go on a $4 million educational tour, despite the fact that her travels had already racked up nearly $150 million already.

Air Force What?!- To attend two Democratic fundraisers in Chicago, President Obama took Air Force One, which apparently cost $180,000 per hour. That’s one expensive flight, we hope he gets mileage points for that. Equal Pay Inconsistency-Even though the Obama administration has consistently campaigned for equal pay for women, female employees in the White House got paid less than their male counterparts. Oh, the irony.  Half Brother Tells All-Barack’s half brother, Mark Obama Ndesanjo, released a memoir in which he details his account of life with their abusive father – a direct contradiction from Barack Obama’s accounts of his father in his own memoir.

Smooch-Although they are’t shy to show affection in public, rumor has it that behind closed doors the pair aren’t as friendly. Barely Touching-When fighting, the firs couple rarely touches one another. Here they are being playful for the audience. However, they clearly aren’t embracing. Arranged Marriage-The Obama’s have a long history together. But was their love and marriage a mutual endeavour?

In Need Of Support-Throughout his time in office, Obama has needed the support of his wife Michelle. For image and media purposes, the couple is always close to one another.  Juggling Home Life-Back when he was a U.S. Senator, Barack had to balance his time between D.C. and the family home in Chicago. Not All Smiles-They may have been all smiles at the Inaugural Ball, but there seemed to have been a disagreement prior to the event.  Hug It Out-The famous couple is famous for their hugs. Everywhere they go, they’re always hugging.

Inauguration Parade-At the 2013 Inauguration Parade, the couple got all cutesy yet again Started From The Bottom-From simple beginnings, this power couple certainly rose to the top Commander in Chief’s Ball-At the 2009 Commander in Chief’s Ball, the two flashed a grin to the cameras as they danced in each other’s arms. Red Room-A candid photo is snapped of the couple in the White House red room in 2009. All Smiles-Has anyone ever seen these two frown? In seriousness? Because we haven’t. Dinner Date-Michelle and Barack enjoy a casual dinner date. Is that an ice cream sundae?

Can’t Stop Smiling-Look at that boyish grin on Barack’s face. He couldn’t be happier.  Bliss-Looks like for the Obamas, marriage really is bliss. What’s their secret?  Story Time-The pair read a children’s story to a group of kids. Looks like they’re both really into it! Photo Op-These two definitely don’t have a lack of photo ops, and somehow they manage to look amazing in every single one. Swearing In-His family stands beside him as Obama takes the oath of office. Not Amused-She’s not amused… except she secretly really is. Just A Peck-In public, it’s just a little nose peck, and yet they still manage to make it look so intimate.


source-danielle levine, shady friends mark obama ndesanjo,


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