FBI Agent Refused to Carry Hillary’s Luggage… Her Response Is NOT Presidential

FLASHBACK: FBI Agent Refused to Carry Hillary’s Luggage… Her Response Is NOT Presidential–47ghj..,b43–

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton claims to care about every American. What does she really think about those who can’t help her out, though? As November comes closer, we look back at one incident involving her luggage that could tell us a lot about how a Clinton presidency might look.

Back in 2014, FBI agent Gary Aldridge published a book called “Unlimited Access,” dealing with his time at the bureau. A lot of the most explosive details from it had to deal with Aldridge’s interactions with the first family during the 1990s — specifically, with Hillary Clinton.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, and to nobody’s surprise, Hillary Clinton was considered a pain to work with and was nasty to almost anyone she came across. She mistreated Secret Service agents and pretty much every person in the White House apparatus.

On one occasion, she asked an FBI agent to carry her luggage. That wasn’t part of his detail, and insulting at the very least. When he declined, she exploded at him.

“Stay the f*** away from me! Just f***ing do as I say!” Clinton reportedly told the agent. Classy.

We’ve all heard the tales about how Clinton has mistreated the Secret Service or our men in uniform, which should be a good enough reason not to vote for her. Behind the supposedly equable exterior lies someone who isn’t exactly the most grounded individual.

Remember: After Hillary Clinton gets your vote (or, hopefully, not), she doesn’t have to kiss up to you any more. You’re just another FBI agent who should be handling her baggage. We’re all going to be Hillary Clinton’s baggage handlers, and it’s going to come at the expense of our economy, our constitutional rights and our security.

Is this the woman you want as our commander in chief? I certainly don’t.

source- conservative tribune, U.K. Daily Mail, H/T Young Conservatives


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