“The Cleaner” Part II and Part III – Cleaner Identified – The Plot Thickens

“The Cleaner” Part II and Part III – Cleaner Identified – The Plot Thickens…47eh.,b43

Earlier during our initial review of the debate we identified something that looked entirely suspicious because it is only evidenced for one specific candidate, and one specific lectern. We initially drew attention to it as “The Cleaner”:

Well, this intrigue just got a whole lot more interesting. See “The Cleaner” at work here immediately following the debate: The Cleaner has been identified as Brady Williamson, a long time democrat operative and three-decade member of the democrat debate negotiation team:

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.  And again, unfortunately no-one is putting these disparate segments together into one cohesive story.  First this video where something electronic is clearly visible on Hillary Clinton’s lectern at the conclusion of the debate. Notice it is not present on Donald Trump’s lectern:

There is definitely something going on there, and we already know these were custom built lecterns (podiums) for each candidate.  Whatever that is on Hillary’s lectern is not seen operational on Donald Trump’s.

Now here’s another video which delves into both “the cleaner”, and the activity in/around the lectern. Unfortunately the uploader’s narrative makes him sound like a loon. Annoyingly, this is a problem we often run into when there is indeed something very important in the content, but the person creating the video’s narrative is over-the-top. This is where CTH really misses having Diwataman as a frequent YouTube contributor.

It’s the over-the-top conspiracy narration makes videos like this too easy for people to dismiss.  As a result the important facts and truth get hidden or ignored because the creators sound like moonbats. It is frustrating because these videos could be extremely valuable for truth finding.

All of that said, the essential elements remain.  The cleaner, Brady Williamson, was trying to remove, and did eventually remove, something much more than just notes atop the lectern.  Another person also is seen removing something.  All of the key players are very aware of, and very cautious of, the people around them when they are in “cleaning mode”.


Additionally, there’s entirely too much historic evidence of two things which somewhat relate to what we are seeing in these issues:

#1)  Hillary Clinton has no lower visual field.  We’ve pointed this out for well over a year, her eyesight is compromised in the lower part of her eyesight.   Stairs are a serious issue. Her eyeglasses contain prism lenses, everyone accepts that – however, there’s something beyond that aspect regarding her vision.   More than likely she wears some kind of contact lenses to assist her eyesight.  This might be the issue with her lower field of vision problem when wearing them.  Once you are aware of it, it becomes very noticeable.

#2)  Again, as pointed out for well over two years – When Hillary Clinton is in a public forum where she will be answering questions, or giving a speech with the potential for follow-ups, she uses a very specific single cordless microphone.

Anytime there is a possibility for her to have an unscripted moment, she always has a single cordless microphone.  Never, even during press events, does she have a bank of microphones or multi-microphones on a podium, pedestal or palate.

She uses a double mic for speeches when there’s no risk of “off script”; but when there is a risk of “off script” need, it is always the single cordless mic.  With or without the flexi mic-holder.  Often she chooses to hold the mic in her hands.


Fox News host Brit Hume is discussing the Clinton “conspiracy theories” tonight.  He identifies the “Cleaner” as long time Democrat strategist Brady Williamson who has been part of the debate negotiating team for decades.  Mystery solved.

Here’s a ‘slightly’ better video synopsis of the controversy:


  • Three or four individuals are removing items from the Clinton lectern after debate.
    • There are at least 7 trips to the lectern (four by Brady Williamson) After debate.
    • One of the trips (not Willamson ) removes a cup of water. The other six ?
    • During each removal there is a person watching over.
    • The last time Brady Williamson visits the lectern he is most likely putting something back, it appears to be a brown box, not necessarily taking something out.

SOURCE-brit hume, fox, sundance




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