What if only 0.1% are terrorists?-

What if only 0.1% are terrorists?–1fh.,b5

“The fact of the matter is that Clinton has no plan to fight ISIS,” Savage said. “Clinton has a plan to bring in more radical Muslims under the guise of tolerance and building bridges, not walls.”

He explained:

She brought in 680,000 immigrants from Muslim nations when she was secretary of state.Now most of you who are well-trained in tolerance and liberalism will say, but most of them are peaceful.You are right. But you used the key word. You didn’t say all of them. You said most of them.So let’s work on math together. Something that you may know.If as secretary of state Hillary Clinton let in 680,000 migrants from Muslim nations, and we say that 10 percent of them radical, that would be too high, right?

“It’s not 68,000. It’s not 10 percent of Muslims who are radicals.”Would you agree with me that 1 percent of them read the holy book and take it literally?Can we live on 1 percent?So, what is 1 percent of 680,000 migrants?That’s 6,800 Muslims that Hillary let into this country; 6,800 if only 1 percent of them are radicalized.That’s 6,800 terrorists were let into the country.So, you say, well, no, that’s too high. It’s not 1 percent. I’m a good liberal, and although most Muslims are peaceful and they just want to get along and become Americans – which is certainly not true, by the way – it’s not 1 percent, it’s not 6,800.

So, I’ll agree with you. It’s 0.1 percent.

So what’s 0.1 percent of 680,000. Well, it’s not 6,800. So what is that? It’s 680.So, you’re admitting that if 0.1 percent of Muslims are going to be radical, that means that 680 of them have been let in who will kill somebody, knife somebody, bomb somebody or do some horrible act in this country.So, I ask you again, liberals, how many of you were outside the Chelsea bombing, dancing, partying, coming from a nightclub, your brains filled with mush from the liberal colleges you went to?

On my Facebook page I get page after page of idiots who say the reason [Muslims] are doing it is because we are demonizing them. Liberal answer.This is the type who justified the Nazis behavior in World War II. These are people who are [exhibiting] the Stockholm Syndrome. They’ve been captured and turned into slaves and they don’t even know it. Their minds are enslaved.

Islam has been at war with the world for 1,400 years. It did not start with the land called Israel. It started a long time before that.It did not start with George Bush and his invasion of Iraq. Many of you are brain-mushed and you think it was Bush who did this to them.They were radicalized when they started reading the holy book.

Islam has been at war with the world, including moderate Muslims, those who do not want to kill and maim, for 1,400 years.

source–michael savage,


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