Media prepares for Hillary defeat–

Media prepares for Hillary defeat–47fh.,b43

Pro-Hillary media already jumping ship–Kit Daniels – September 21, 2016

The mainstream media is already preparing for a Hillary defeat in November.

ESPN’s Nate Silver, who famously – and wrongly – declared Donald Trump had little chance of winning the GOP nomination, is now warming up to the possibility that Trump will win the presidential election.

But even more interesting, the left-wing Huffington Post published an extensive “obituary” for Hillary’s campaign listing nine reasons why she’s losing. And, to their credit, most of the reasons are valid – and there’s nothing Hillary can do about them. The Huff listed the mainstream media as the #1 reason because the media hates Trump, but everyone else hates the media.

Of course; establishment journalists are so discredited that anyone they’re against, the public supports. Trust in media is now at an all-time low, with 68% of Americans stating they do NOT have a great or even fair amount of trust in corporate news. That’s a problem for Hillary: her entire campaign relies on the mainstream media manipulating public opinion in her favor, but now the media holds little influence.

If the mainstream media wanted to destroy Trump, they should’ve endorsed him. Interesting, the Huff also mentioned Bill Clinton as another reason for Hillary’s loss, suggesting the former president has “lost his mojo” for campaigning. Politico, another left-leaning outlet, agreed.

“Democratic operatives cast Clinton’s husband as a second-tier stand-in for the candidate — of less value than President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama,” the site reported. “…In some of the swing states where campaign operatives are putting in asks for big-name Democrats to visit, Bill Clinton comes in about even with Joe Biden and Tim Kaine.”

A former president is on the same level as no-name Kaine? That’s a damning statement.

But why is Hillary even relying so heavily on these “second-tier” bit players? Simple: she’s too unhealthy to campaign on her own, which was obvious to the world when she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial and had to escorted out by Secret Service. A Secret Service source even told Infowars that Hillary has major neurological health problems which could be linked to Parkinson’s or a similar disease – not to mention her eye problems which could be strabismus.

“Clinton appeared to have trouble coordinating her left eye during a campaign speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monday – the same eye that had to be outfitted with a prism correction lens years earlier,” reported Adan Salazar, adding that eye in question was the same eye Clinton wore a “Fresnel prism” lens over following a concussion. Hillary’s failing health is a major reason why she’s losing the race – and one the Huff Post left out.

“Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will only hold five rallies in September and doesn’t have one scheduled for the foreseeable future, as she relies on surrogates to do her campaigning,” the Daily Caller reported. “…On the other hand, Republican nominee Donald Trump has been very active on the campaign trail in September. He has held 15 rallies so far this month and has three more scheduled.”

“Trump has also spoken at black churches and the New York Economic Club.”

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