They want you dispirited–

They want you dispirited–

“We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric . We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. We need to temper our words…” — Barack Obama, 7/17/16

“Obama Pleads with Presidential Candidates Not to Politicize THE police shooting–the Washington post 7/17/16

“There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these protesters.” — Barack Obama, advising cops to acknowledge their failures, 7/10/16

When there’s unrest at home, who does Obama back? The most radical leftist factions. Black Lives Matter over the cops. Occupy Wall Street over the Tea Party. Illegal immigrants over citizens. Refugees over citizens. Planned Parenthood’s baby butchers over the rule of law. Bureaucrats over doctors. Teachers unions over students. Everyone over Christians.

And when there’s unrest in the Middle East who docs Obama back? The Islamic factions. In Egypt, the secular military took out the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood. In Iran, the Iranian people rose up in what was called “the Green Revolution.” Obama backed the mullahs. Then he gave them a green light to develop nuclear weapons — $150 billion. In Iraq, the U.S. military provided stability after a long war to secure a secular-leaning government. Obama pulled up stakes, leaving Iraq vulnerable to Islamists within and to Iran next door — hello, ISIS. In Turkey, the military attempted an Egypt-like coup. Who did Obama back? Erdogan, the Islamist. Who’s now cracking down on all dissent to usher in Shariah.

Obama is perceived to have no responsibility for anything. A majority of Americans still blame Bush for everything that’s gone wrong.

Folks, it’s stunning. Nothing attaches to Obama, no accountability whatsoever — though he is in fact the architect of this decline. We have a plummeting U.S. economy, 94 million Americans not working. relentless cultural assaults, transgender bathrooms, gay marriage, multiple terror attacks here and abroad, and a Presidential approval of 56 percent.

All this on the heels of the FBI rewriting federal law to let Clinton off the hook. Even though, Chris Cillizza of  The Washington Post put it, “HILLARY CLINTON’S Email problems Might Be Even Worse THAN We Thought.” Cillizza calls FBI Director James Comey’s no-indictment announcement “a wholesale rebuke of the story Clinton and her campaign team have been telling ever since the existence of her private email server came to light in spring 2015. She did send and receive classified emails. The setup did leave her — and the classified information on the server — subject to a possible foreign hack. She and her team did delete emails as personal that contained professional information.” Not to mention Comey’s citing Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” with the nation’s secrets.

There is no justice anymore,” people say to each other. One by one, institutions are crumbling before our eyes. They know that’s the most effective strategy to suck the hope out of people. Everybody gets depressed and goes away. And they’ve done this often enough that they’ve had,   I think, a successful run at turning people off from politics altogether.

The left’s objective is to discourage you, to make you think nothing can be done to beat them. When they have power, they slither out of virtually everything. This is the Democrat Party, for crying out loud. They use government to get their way, to advance their agenda, to protect their cronies, and cover up their malfeasance. They use government power to do whatever is necessary legal and illegal, to advance their agenda. Including playing mind games with you.

She and the Democrat Party are the equivalent of a giant wrecking ball aimed at institution after  institution.

source-rush, obama, washington post, chris cillizza,


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