news digest and quotes that should make you sick

news digest and quotes that should make you sick–39h

BUZZ OFF :             “Honey Bee Sting Pain Index by Body Location” — actual title — is just one government Study that “will leave you scratching your head.” notes Sen. Jeff Flake (R,AZ) in a report he compiled of the most ridiculous. Even The College Fix article tide about this hurts: “Senator Questions Why Feds Paid Cornell Scholar TO Let Bees Sting His Penis.” Turns out, Cornell University researcher Michael Smith received $1 million from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to answer the burning question, “Where does it hurt most to be stung by a bee?” This oddball’s taxpayer-funded “research  of grabbing bees and pressing the Stingers against various body appendages, to compare the levels of pain. The painfully obvious answer: the nostril, upper lip, and genitals are Smith’s most pain-sensitive areas. Since bees die after they sting, a total of 190 bees scarified their lives  for Smith’s idiotic research. Talk about a buzz kill.

BREW-HAHA:    Obamacare has its tentacles everywhere in . American life — and now an insidious Obamacare regulation has small breweries crying in their beer. According to the Cato Institute, as reported at Townhall, by December 2016 all brewers must include detailed calorie labels on the beer they produce. Because beer drinkers are famous for counting calories. Said no one ever. For craft breweries, this new regulation is no small beer, potentially costing each up to $77 steep price could deep-six the craft breweries in favor of the big breweries. When it comes to the labeling requirements, any brewery that doesn’t hop-to will be forbidden from selling beer to major restaurant chains. As I’ve been telling you from Day 1, Obamacare has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with. Down to own to the last precious calorie in your beer.

GRADE CRA7Y:   Johns Hopkins University administrators are ditching the current system of giving out “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” marks to first-semester students. While intended to help freshmen transition to the rigors of the top-tier college, the S/U system instead encouraged them to take their first semester less seriously. A shocker, I know. So now the university is returning to A-B-C-D-Fs, and the students are losing it. According to “JOHNS HOPKINS STUDENTS CLAIM GIVING FRESHMEN LETTER Grades Will Cause a Mental-Health Crisis” in National Review, more than 20 student groups are raising hell. They’re predicting an epidemic of student mental breakdowns that could be “far too severe for the school’s resources to handle.” One student screed threatened that Johns Hopkins “will be responsible for pushing the world’s brightest and most promising young scholars to feel worthless. unsupported, and pressurized to the point of breaking.” If these snowflakes are the world’s brightest and most promising, the world is screwed.

DRINK-ERCTZE :   Remember Obama’s life of Julia” ad, celebrating cradle-to-grave government dependency? Well, with all the government “help” for women, some women still have problems. Go figure. Now women who drink too much have garnered the attention of the  National Institutes of Health [nih], which is proposing (what else?) more governmental “help.” As reported by The Fix, an nih study is examining whether exercise can help troubled women turn away from thebottle. Around 50 alcohol-abusing women will be given Fitbits, the exercise-monitoring bracelets ($110 a pop), to wear for 12 months. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the hope is the device will “nudge” them into healthier habits. In a stellar example of government math. while $110 times 50 equals $5,500, the study has already cost $204,784 so far. Worth every penny, according to researchers at Butler  Hospital in Rnode Island, because “more so than men, women with [alcohol disorders] report drinking to cope with negative emotions.” Wait, are they saying women are more emotional than men? Julia s gonna sue.


“We wouldn’t be Democrats if there weren’t  bed-wetters.’   ANONYMOUS “senior Democratic aide

“Water users in the South Bay may have noticed a dirt-like smell coming from their faucets, but the Santa Clara Valley Water District said . there’s no cause for alarm. The odor is purely aesthetic…” California.

“Our most effective response to terror is compassion, it’s unity and its love. — LORETTA Lynch.

We white Americans need to … recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume our experiences are everyone’s experiences – Hillary Clinton,

“Obama Urges Americans to Tamp Down  Inflammatory Rhetoric.” AP

“Orlando Killings Rob Young New York Muslims OF A Cherished Holiday Respite.” — ON Pulse massacre’s inconvenience to local Muslims,

Oprah: “He’s got the swag. Did he always have that swag. or has he gotten swaggier?” Michelle Obama: “No, he was very swagalicious.” ON Barack Obama, PJmedia

“When we look at crime rates and all that sort of stuff, it’s like, these are a bunch of bored kids that are unsupervised who don’t know how to play … and then we give them a gun.” – Michelle Obama.

“This is the center of change within the center of change.” John F. Kerry,

“In the hottest times of the year it will be simply physiologically impossible to work outdoors. That means agriculture, that means construction, people who try to work outdoors will basically be unable to control their body temperature and will die. This is a really, really big deal.” – John Holdren,

‘In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments in research Steve Jobs did a good idea [sic] designing it and putting it together. Federal research invented it.” – Nancy Pelosi,

“Why is the U.S. economy starting to slow down again?” – PBS NewsHour.

I think this is a woman who wants a little bit of a private life. She want to be able to communicate with husband, with daughter, with friends, and not have somebody looking over her shoulder Into her emails— Sen. Dianne Feinstein

sources–those listed in the articles


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