LIBERAL LIES: about Islamic terror

LIBERAL LIES: about Islamic terror—1h,b5

LIE 1 “Right-wing extremists are a bigger threat to America than ISIS.” – Newsweek, 2/4/16 Fact: Of the 512 violent extremists arrested for committing terrorism in the U.S. since 9/11, 330 of ” them were Jihadists. The rest were mostly left wing terror cells)


LIE 2 “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism–Hillary Clinton, 11/19/15 Fact: Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims, who have killed hundreds of thousands of people since 9/11. MOST WORLDWIDE TERRORISM IS COMMITTED BY ISLAMIST EXTREMISTS– 1926-secular- political-anarchist, 1519-unknown, 77-neo nazi, 170-other, 8886-sunni extremists

GLOBAL ISLAMIC VIOLENCE SINCE 9/11 —attacks-27,880, counties-88, killed-182,857, injured-259,623, total casualities-442,480

LIE 3  We have contained them.” – Barack Obama, on isis, ‘1/13/15 Fact: isis and all the worst Islannic terrorist groups have metastasized. Islamic terror deaths overall have skyrocketed 774 percent in the last five years.

DEADLIEST ISLAMIST TERRORISTS GOT DEADLIER–boko-2010-0, 2012-1100, 2014-6500

isis-2010-0, 2012-0, 2014-6000 ==== Taliban- 2010-850-, 2012-2000-, 2014-3300

ISLAMIST TERROR DEATH SURGE –2001-6-2500, 2007-11-6000, 2012-3-20,000, 2014-5-29000

LIE 4 lslam is the most peaceful religion of the world.” UNESCO, official declaration, 7/4/16 Fact: Millions of Muslims view violence as justifiable.

AMERICAN MUSLIMS’ VIEWS ON JIHAD–against americans-25%, those who insult-29%, jihad obligation-41%, shariah-33%

GLOBAL MUSLIMS’ VIEWS ON OBAL MUSLIMS’ VIEWS ON Suicide bombings can be justified..

PALESTINE TERRITORIES      62%–LEBANON–33%         MALAYSIA-27%, EGYPT-25%,  SENEGAL–18%, TURKEY-16%, TUNISIA–      12%,  JORDAN-                l2%

LIE  5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” – Barack Obama, 6/4/09 Fact: Muslin countries have a centuries-long tradition of intolerance, persecution, and terror toward Chrictians and Jews-as well as racism. According to Open Doors, 14 of the 15 most dangerous countries for Christians are Muslim.

sources-new american foundation, uk media, national counterterrorism center, global terrorism, center for security policy, pew, washington post, world values survey.


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