Here comes Hillary–and she’s got all her baggage with her too:

Here comes Hillary–and she’s got all her baggage with her too:-47h.,b43

With the exception of Donald  Trump, no major-party nominee has ever been so unpopular with the broader public. The two are viewed unfavorably by of their fellow citizens. The two are viewed unfavorably by an overwhelming  majority of their  fellow citizens. Clinton’s flaws are manifest, from corruption to the lying to an utter lack of charm. But she counters them with organization, money, a single-minded instincts that are sharper than most people realize. She will be a formidable candidate in the general election.

She began her career in the spotlight as a polarizing first lady.

The controversies cc surrounding the end of Bill Clinton’s administration, like the Marc Rich pardon, damaged her. A workmanlike tenure in the Senate enabled her to win reelection with ease but did little to improve her national numbers.

Then the Benghazi controversy ensnared her, and her numbers plummeted, reaching a level not seen since the Whitewater scandal in the early 1990s. Usually, bad headlines harm the as ratings of the president, while the public is more forgiving of his executive appointees.

The damage to her reputation was compounded by the email scandal—another debacle that tarnished her without really harming Obama.

She is a crafty political operative whose pursuit of power has been relentless. Who else but Clinton could have parlayed the Lewinsky scandal into a seat in the United States Senate, and by extension a shot at the presidency?

Since 1988, the Democratic share of the national presidential or congressional vote has never  fallen below 45 percent.

source-weekly std, jay cost,


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