Lib lies about government effectiveness

Lib lies about government effectiveness–8h.

Government can fix poverty. Fact: Since LBJ launched the “War on Poverty” in 1964, taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. Today’s poverty rate, 14.8%, is the same as it was 50 years ago. Poverty won. ANTI-POVERTY SPENDING SKYROCKETS  Housing aid-$56billion,  — food aid-$116 billion, other $104billion, medicaid-$515 billion,     POVERTY RATE FLATLINES –1960-23.5%, 1990-14%, 2014-14.8%

Government can make college “affordable”.  Fact: Federal -students financial aid “help”  has been a disaster, jacking up college prices and burdening students with ruinous debt.

College cost–1983-$10,959, 2003-$19,578, 2013- $24,706.

Student debt surges—median wage–1990-$42,342, 2015-$43,000

median debt–1990-$12,110, 2015-31,941

Government can boost home ownership. Fact: Bill Clinton announced his National Homeownership Strategy in 1995 to increase the 64.2% ownership rate.  Not only did Democrat housing-market meddling cause the 2008 economic  crash, it depressed the homeownership rate to 63.5%. Epic fail.

1995-64%, 2016-62.7%

Government can fix illegitimacy. Fact: The more bureaucrats engage in social engineering, the worse the destruction of the traditional family.


medcaid-1980-$1600, 1992-$1250, 2010-2400—in  millions

OUT-OF-WEDLOCK BIRTH RATE EXPLODES –1930-3%, 1990-29%, 2013-40.6%

MARRIAGE RATE PLUMMETS –1990-9.8/1000, 2014-6.9/1000

Government can fix health care.  Fact Obamacare has been a financial disaster for families and the American economy.

FAMILY REMIUMS SOAR –2005-10,880, 2015-$17,545,–61% increase.

NATION’S COST CURVE BENDS UP, Health Spending Share of gdp –1978-8%, 2024-19%.

rush, heritage, us census, huffington, national center for education stats, guttmacher inst., nchs, statista, kaiser, forbes


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