Democrats’ dark vision of America-

Democrats’ dark vision of America–41h.

If you have a political Party — in this case, the Republicans — that denies any progress and is constantly channeling to their base that things are terrible all the time, then people will start absorbing that.” Barack Obama, on why he’s not getting the credit he deserves. New York Times Magazine, 4/28/16

“We do not want justice or peace anymore. We done with that sh–. We want blood. We want blood … Eye for an eye. No more peace. F— all that. Ain’t no more peace. Ain’t no more peace. We done. We cannot cohabitate with white people, one of us have to go, black or white. All ya’ll have to go!” — rioter, Milwaukee, video at The Daily Wire, 8/15/16

Google “Trump speech dark” and you get almost 14 million results. It wasn’t a coincidence. During Trump’ speech, Hillary Clinton sent out a memo to her house stenographers in the media: “Tonight, Donald Trump painted a dark picture of an America in decline.” And every drive-by media outlet — print, internet, radio and television broadcast, every one of them — followed orders, and used the exact same terms to spin what Trump said.

The Democrat Party. It is they who are the negative, foreboding declinists. The left own the Democrat Party owns scary.

The Chicago Tribune reports that nearly 100 people have been shot in Chicago in less than a week, bringing the total to over2,500 this year.  Who runs Chicago? Odama democrats. Since 1931. At the same time, race riots erupt in Milwaukee. Who runs that city? Democrats. Since 1908. In city after Democrat-run city, the stories are. sadly, the same. Crime, unrest, poverty, hatred, misery. In places Democrats have wholly controlled for generations.

“Milwaukee Rioters: ‘They Beatin’ Up Every White Person!'” — Breitbart, 8/14/16

-Black lives matter cases in with $100 million Liberal Foundations.” — Washington Times, 8/16/16

Fostering unrest is a deliberate political strategy of the Democrat Party.

Day in and day out. There is no optimism. What passes for a “positive” message is this: “The Republicans want to oppress you. Vote for us, and we’ll keep things as they are. We’ll make sure you maintain your current circumstance.” That is, poverty,  ignorance, hopelessness.

Encouraging people to be self-reliant is sneered at as racist. And besides, the Democrat message is, self-reliance is for suckers: you have no chance, the deck is stacked against you, why bother. The Democrat Party message every damn day is that this country is racist. Every day of my life the I Democrats have characterized America as bigoted, unjust, immoral, homophobic.

The Democrats’ dark list of complaints is constant and endless: America is full of evil corporations that are so greedy they target and even want to kill their own customers; this country is run by evil rich people who create a huge gap in wealth by stealing from the poor. Every gain has been ill-gotten, every asset has been stolen and plundered. there is no justice or fairness or hope. The Democrat Party doesn’t uplift, or inspire, or offer optimism. The Democrat Party punishes achievers.

The Democrats’ dark vision is this: You are incapable of providing for your families. The government must raise your I children. You cannot make the right decisions with your own money. You certainly can’t handle your own health care. You probably won’t buy the right car if we leave it up to you.  And since you won’t buy what we think you should buy, we’ll outlaw what you want.

That’s how they stay in power, they scare the  heck out of people. They tell people there is no future unless they vote Democrat. They tell people that the Republican Party is trying to oppress them, that conservatives want to put them in prison and never let them out. They say if you’re a minority. Republicans are coming for you. It is a constant barrage, day in and day out, to keep the g people of this country on edge and afraid. And they’ve succeeded. I The apocalyptic attitude among America’s youth is overwhelming.

They’ve had eight years of Obama. They’ve got their I national health care plan. They’ve got their attack on fossil fuels. They have got their education standards implemented, with Common Core. They are well on the way to destroying every tradition that defined this country’s greatness. Yet they’re still miserable.

Their agenda hasn’t created Utopia. Their agenda hasn’t fostered idyllic sweetness and light and love — because government can’t do that. And their ideology can’t wave a magic wand and make everybody the same. The Democrat Party tries to equalize everyone by making everyone equally miserable. They  demonize successful people. They have created class envy. They have created hatred. They have created anger. They are almost solely responsible for the divisions in this country, under this particular President. And they do it by spreading lies, such as “Hands up, don’t shoot” — a deliberate. abominable falsehood that Democrats continue to promulgate.

Freedom and happiness cannot coexist with government command-and-control.

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