Have  the Americans lost their sense of intelligent, reasoning and basic logic?

Why would the Republican party attack its own if they would not benefit from Trumps collapse?

Do you think everything is free, an endless flow of subsidies. And to the “Black Lives Matter” how’s that “NEW DEAL” (GREAT SOCIETY) working for you.  Do you remember the promises made? If they kept them why are you still in the same situation as you state you have been for over 50 years? You blame republicans but it was LBJ, a Demo, who signed this law.  Why is it not the fault of both parties, not just republicans?

Did you realize that 18 of our first Presidents owned slaves–over 1170 of them?

And in 1868 General Bedford Forrest was the first grand knight of the KKK.

And you want to trust Hillary, I’d call that one a “strike three” Are you not aware of the charges, the lies, the deals made by her.  She leaves the white house “dead broke” and now is worth over $100+million.  Was it luck, or deals and over priced speeches and the Clinton foundation that brought them is new found wealth?

Why do you not question the Uranium one deal with Giustra, which has turned over 20% of the worlds uranium to Russian control? Why are the past scandals not being discussed by the justice department, hundreds of deals made while in the white house and more while at state! Want to see the list?

What can Bill, Hillary and even Chelsea say in a speech that’s worth $250,000-500,000? Maybe what happened on the Epstein Jet trips?

Wasn’t  Obama’s  stimulus package the fix all for the economy, now Hillary want another one–I know those republicans kept printing money and took the debt to $19+ Trillion in 7-1/2 years.

Get real—“BOTH” parties are to blame, lining their pockets while we pay the tab! Educate yourself before you vote.


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