We’ve Compiled a List of the Top Reason’s Hillary WANTS to Be President

We’ve Compiled a List of the Top Reason’s Hillary WANTS to Be President–47GH., 43

After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama, America is hurting on every level. More than any previous President in history we as a nation are suffering. We need a change and we need it now. All the ‘hope and change’ was a farce for a fundamental transformation of the freest nation in the world.

What makes Hillary Rodham Clinton want to run for the highest office in the land?

We asked 3100 Facebook users and here is why they think Hillary wants to run for President of the United States.

Here are their responses in no particular order except the first two were unanimous across the board.

  1. More Power: Power hungry
  2. Greed, Financial Gain
  3. It’s Her Turn
  4. She Feel’s Entitled
  5. Immunity: She is the only one who would pardon her crimes
  6. Eventually the suicide excuses get suspicious
  7. She has some Amendments to kill.
  8. Better Access to Corrupt Monies
  9. She wants to set the record for “Executive Orders.”
  10. She didn’t screw up Foreign Policy enough as Secretary of State
  11. Ego: To give her narcissistic supply
  12. Control
  13. To finish the destruction of America that Obama Started
  14. She thinks she is owed
  15. Continue the push of Socialism, Progressivism and the liberal agenda (She’s a progressive and she wants to keep a progressive agenda going for our country.)
  16. New World Order: (she is a puppet of the NWO/communists/socialists)
  17. Globalism and #1 Power
  18. Soros needs a new puppet and she’s available
  19. Hide all the bodies, the files that implicate her cohorts, expand graft and corruption while giving Sharia law firm establishment in the USA….
  20. Fulfillment of a life long obsession. Age and health make it now or never.
  21. To keep her promises to the donors of the Clinton Foundation satisfied….
  22. Prestige
  23. It is her humble desire to sacrifice & serve us all. <cough, cough>




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