Obama’s abject failure–No hope-No change-

Obama’s abject failure–No hope-No change—–15k.,b26

But let me take you back to 2008. Millions of Americans who were not Democrats, who Amt were not African American, nevertheless voted to for Barack Obama. They didn’t do so for policy reasons or, really, for political reasons. I’m sure you know people, as I do. Democrats and Republicans, non-minority, who voted for Obama and happily announced it publicly. Obama and happily announced it publicly. for the first African American Presidential candidate would signal an end to the racial strife in this country.^

Obama and his Party deliberately ran on gauzy fantasies of post-partisanship and racial healing. It was. obviously, a cynical campaign ploy, but ordinary people who voted for Obama had a very real hope and desire that our nation would finally, at last, experience racial healing,

Many of those who do want the end of racial upheaval voted for Obama in order to no demonstrate that they have no racial animus, they are not racist. They were desperate for that message to be heard, because they wanted their  vote to have meaning. Their vote was an expression of yearning for this nation to get past the racial divisions that are literally tearing the culture apart.  They were hoping that the election of Barack Obama would improve the life circumstances of African Americans and other minorities.

“None of that has happened. In fact. everything has gotten far worse. Go to Obama’s hometown of Chicago or any other Democrat run city. Look at the timeline. Obama is elected President; seven and a half years later, check the murder rates in Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland. According to The Washington Post, at least 231 people have been fatally shot in Chicago so far in 2016, including the execution Style murder of a nine-year-old boy.

Life has not improved for African Americans, overall .Not one thing that so many people voted for has actually come to pass under Obama. There is such deep disappointment. The economy is bad for everybody. The job circumstances, day-to-day life. security, and ability to pursue happiness, are awful for every American. There’s misery, anxiety, and fear everywhere. But when you look at               these  measures with regard to the African American community, your heart breaks.

The unemployment rate for African Americans (18 percent), and for African American teenagers (50 percent), is off the charts. Look at the murder rate for African Americans, the black-on-black crime — disproportionally affecting inner-city populations. Nobody can say disproportionally affecting inner-city populations. Nobody

He told us he was going to shut down the coal industry by making it impossibly expensive to stay in it. He told us he was going to slither his way to single payer health care. He told us he was going to transform the very identity and makeup of this country.

And  after seven and a half years, we have a community organizer whose mentor was Jeremiah freaking Wright. a President who has opened our borders even more, slandered the police, flimflammed unaffordable health insurance, attacked one successful American economic enterprise after another, doubled the national debt, politicized the IRS with impunity against his political enemies, weaponized the EPA, destroyed mining, and serves as a puppet master for the Department of Justice. And that’s not the half of it.

A week-later , Obama delivered the commencement address at Howard university, a traditional black college. He did not tell the graduates, “Yo, seniors, you did it.” But he did say: “Be confident in your blackness. as we each embrace our own beautiful, unique, and valid versions of our blackness.”

“Remember the tie that does bind us as African Americans — and that is our particular awareness of injustice and unfairness and struggle … And that means we have to … stand up for the Stand up for those African Americans who haven’t been so lucky — because yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky. That’s a pet peeve of mine: people who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky. That God may have blessed them; it wasn’t nothing you did.

Imagine you’ve just finished four years of studying and hard work at Howard, and you’re eager to hear the first African American President of the United States. You’ve been taught that Obama has spent seven and a half years helping African Americans. But then. you’re sitting there after earning your degree, and the President says: “You’ve just been lucky.”

So forget equipping yourself for success, you’ve got to find luck. Where do you go to get luck? The unspoken point is, if you’re black. you won’t have any luck, because the people in charge of luck aren’t going to pass it out to you. It’s a hideous message. That has got to be the most dispiriting message of all: Change. Anger. Organizing.

What an abject failure. He has brought no hope, because nothing has changed. Obama’s entire Presidency hasn’t accomplished a single thing — except ruin. Yo, Barry, you did it.



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