my letter to the editor–what they cut is in bold

Religion or Global Warming?

Boy did I pick the wrong religion to believe in.  Nowhere in our teachings are there 72 virgins waiting for me if I get to Heaven.  Wonder where they get all of them?

I wonder what is waiting for female bombers and the children bombers–anybody heard?

There are 7.4 billion people in the world

With 1.6 billion Muslims’ in the world, of which it is stated that 15% are radical, and some list showing as many as 216 terrorist groups, whose watching those millions of  possible terrorist,  who have carried out over 449 recorded attacks since the 1980’s?

What other religion preaches KAFFIR, which means death to non-believers, non-Muslims,  they must be killed.  Heading this list is Israel called Uquds Days–the day of destruction of Israel, followed by the great Satan-American, gays and  then the rest of the western world.  Stone them or behead them is their call.

Does your religion push Jihad–War– or Jafsir Al Jacalaynsays–meaning to slay them, the religion of hatred not peace.  when is the last time your religion called for a Caliphate, a total Muslim religious state.

But not all Muslims’ are terrorist, many millions are moderates and want peace, where are they, where is there outrage, their speaking out against what the terrorists are doing.  They are too afraid as they know if they speak out they are on the list.

it is truly sad that they have no second thoughts about strapping a bomb on a child and killing somebody, or as they shoot people say those famous words we all know now–“Allah Akbar”. And our government wants us to believe Global Warming is the biggest threat facing us today.

A sword, or a bullet versus a 1 degree rise in temperature in decades really make me wonder just how smart these guys in D.C. are?




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