Massive Huma Terror-Connection Uncovered… Clinton Team in Panic Mode

 Massive Huma Terror-Connection Uncovered… Clinton Team in Panic Mode–77ih.,b3

Seven years ago, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton entered into discussions with Saudi Arabia about the Muslim World League ceasing to fund Islamic terrorism. What Clinton either did not know or purposefully chose to ignore at the time was that her closest aide, Huma Abedin, held direct ties to the MWL.

An investigation by Breitbart revealed that the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs operated out of the league’s London-based office — and that Abedin used to work for the institute. Moreover, Vanity Fair classified the institute as an ostensible “Abedin family business,” because the aide’s brother and sister have both also worked there.

According to a State Department cable obtained by WikiLeaks, Clinton’s office explicitly designated the Muslim World League a terrorist organization in 2009.

The cable also listed talking points to be used in diplomatic negotiations with Saudi Arabia — talking points that Abedin could have easily funneled right back to the Muslim World League, which had close ties with the Saudi government.

source- conservative tribune, breitbart, vanity fair, wikileaks


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