CLINTON NIGHTMARE: State Dept. Reveals Who May Have Gotten ALL of Hillary’s Emails–

CLINTON NIGHTMARE: State Dept. Reveals Who May Have Gotten ALL of Hillary’s Emails–47ih.,b43

Intelligence officials from the State Dept. revealed to reporters Wednesday that they have been closely monitoring several Russian blogs and websites to determine whether hackers from Moscow obtained former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“Russian intelligence agencies are suspected of cyberintrusions that obtained sensitive political information contained in Democratic National Committee networks,” The Washington Times reported. “(The) computer networks of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation were also compromised.”

Moreover, officials feared that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to use these classified emails either to blackmail Clinton if and when she becomes president or prevent her from becoming president altogether by releasing the emails before the November election.

The former plan seems more likely, given that Putin has made it abundantly clear that he considers Trump to be a “bright” man who he could “get along very well with.”

Either way, Russia appeared to have the upper hand, and as such, U.S. intelligence remained at its complete and utter mercy.

This news came only weeks after it was revealed by Ars Technica that the individual who hacked the DNC “left behind fingerprints implicating a Russian-speaking person with a nostalgia for the country’s lost Soviet era.”

All signs therefore pointed to the Russians being in possession of Clinton’s emails. What remained to be seen was what they plan to do with them.

One thing is certain — it was the incompetence of both the DNC and Hillary Clinton that allowed this situation to transpire in the first place. They screwed up again, and because of their mistakes, the United States government is now pretty much at the mercy of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A State Department official has said Russia is one of at least three foreign governments likely to have obtained the full content of the former secretary of state’s server through covert hacking operations. The other two are China and Israel.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB intelligence officer schooled in the black arts of covert operations, would be the top authority to order the release of the Clinton emails, if in fact Moscow has obtained the tens of thousands of private emails.

A possible Russian motive for making public all the emails would be to undermine any Justice Department influence in the ongoing FBI investigation of the private email server, an investigation said by FBI sources to have expanded into whether the server was used improperly to boost the fortunes of the Clinton Foundation.

Federal sources have complained that portions of the Justice Department have been politicized to support the liberal agenda of the Obama administration, citing a 2010 investigation into how terrorist detainees at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, obtained photos of CIA interrogators. During a counterintelligence probe, Donald Vieira, chief of staff at the Justice Department’s National Security Division, was forced to recuse himself from the investigation. The reason was not made public, but officials said some in the Justice Department in the past worked as advocates for the detainees at nongovernmental organizations and were linked to the CIA officer photos found inside the detainees’ cells.


China has transferred key parts of mobile missile launchers to Pakistan that are now the base for mobile launchers for nuclear-capable, medium-range missiles, according to Indian diplomatic sources.

A recent assessment by the Indian government determined that two Chinese-made WS-21200 chassis — 16-wheel heavy transport vehicles — were delivered to Pakistan in late February or early March and that the two vehicles contained some design flaws.

However, the vehicles are being used as the mobile element of transporter-erector launchers, or TELs, for Pakistan’s new Shaheen-III medium-range nuclear missile, the sources disclosed to Inside the Ring.

“There is no doubt that China is involved in the proliferation of missile technology,” said one Indian official.

China’s transfer of missile vehicles is the second nuclear-related arms transfer of its type by Beijing.

In 2011, China sold North Korea similar chassis, designated as WS-51200. The chassis were unveiled in a military parade in Pyongyang in April 2012 carrying the new KN-08 road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. The KN-08 is North Korea’s first mobile nuclear-armed long-range missile.

Analysts say the vehicle transfers to Pakistan appear to violate China’s commitment to the 1987 Missile Technology Control Regime. The regime, an informal export control accord, prohibits signees from exporting missile components, including launchers, for nuclear systems.

According to the Indian government, Pakistan’s National Engineering and Scientific Commission has set up an assembly line at the National Development Complex where missile TELs are being assembled. The Chinese missile vehicle transfer was first reported Wednesday by HIS Jane’s Defense Weekly. According to Jane’s, the WS-21200 is manufactured by the Hubei Sanjiang Space Wanshan Special Vehicle Co. of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp.

“The Shaheen-III’s WS-21200 TEL and the WS-51200 used by North Korea have much in common, including the same headlight and direction indicator patterns,” the Jane’s report said.

The Shaheen-III was made public for the first time in March during a military parade in Pakistan and is said to be capable of carrying a nuclear or conventional warhead 1,708 miles. A State Department spokeswoman declined to comment, citing a policy of not discussing intelligence matters. A Chinese Embassy spokesman did not return an email request for comment.

The State Department, concerned about upsetting relations with China, took no action against Beijing for violating U.N. sanctions on North Korea by exporting the missile-launch vehicles. A U.N. panel reported that the Chinese claimed the KN-08 launch vehicles were sold as lumber haulers.

If confirmed, the Pakistan missile transfer appears to violate Category 2 of the Missile Technology Control Regime, which prohibits sales of missile components for systems with ranges greater than 186 miles.

China’s arms proliferation activities have received little attention under the Obama administration.

China also was credited with transferring nuclear weapons design information that helped Pakistan become a nuclear power.

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