Lynch’s Decision Removes Hillary’s ‘Safety Net’-

Lynch’s Decision Removes Hillary’s ‘Safety Net’–4.47kh.,b60.43

Attorney Gen. Loretta Lynch’s decision to follow the recommendations of FBI Director James Comey and government investigators on whether or not to indict Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server removes her “safety net,” conservative political pundit Dick Morris said Friday.

“It really effectively removes the safety net that Hillary had under her like a circus performer walking on a high tightrope, they fall off, they’re caught by the net,” Morris, author of the newly released book “Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary” said in a video shortly after Lynch explained her decision on the charges in an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival.


“The FBI investigated him for doing much less than Hillary did, slipping a couple of documents to his biographer, the woman he was involved with. And the FBI recommended a felony indictment, but [Eric] Holder was at that time the AG, knocked it back to a misdemeanor indictment. Now that’s not going to happen. Now it’s what the FBI does.”

Lynch’s decision comes amid a firestorm of criticism prompted by her meeting in private with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, aboard her plane at a Phoenix airport.
Clinton used the private server, Morris said, so the press could not see what was in her emails under the Freedom of Information Act. Further, the public learned, through a deposition Clinton aide Huma Abedin did, that when they traveled abroad, they spoke frequently on their BlackBerry phones.

“And Hillary, in her own book ‘Hard Choices,’ admits that she was briefed and told by the State Department not to use her BlackBerry in any foreign country, because it makes eavesdropping a cinch,” said Morris. “When you have a BlackBerry and it’s off, even in your pocket, you can hear everything that is going on around you.”

And in Clinton’s case, the BlackBerry “contained all of her top secret files of the State Department,” said Morris, and he does not see how the FBI can avoid recommending an indictment against her.

source–dick morris, sandy fizgerald, newsmax


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