rush makes announcement about ob true religion

rush makes announcement about ob true religion–15kh.,b26

President Barack Obama delivered remarks from the White House Tuesday afternoon, ostensibly updating the American people regarding the terror attack in Orlando and what was being done to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

It is worth noting that finally, finally, Obama spoke the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” or some variant thereof, if only so he could snidely dismiss the words as meaningless and powerless, deriding them as a supposed “magic talisman” that would instantly defeat the Islamic jihadists if repeated three times in a row, or something like that.

But back to the point, which is the manner in which Obama spoke both about the terrorist attack and terrorists in general, and his political opponents who have the gall to point out the obvious nature of the attack and attacker — an act of radical Islamic terrorism perpetrated by a radical Islamic terrorist.

Fox News host and columnist Todd Starnes noticed the disparity in Obama’s attitude and tone when discussing the terrorists versus those calling out the terrorists, pointing out that Obama seemed “more angry” speaking about one over the other. Conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh noticed this discrepancy as well, posting a message to his Facebook page following Obama’s speech while still doing his show. “Have you noticed, by the way, that Obama really, really, really gets concerned about offending religious people? Oh, yeah, he really, really bothered out there about offending Islamists,” Rush wrote. “He doesn’t seem concerned about Christianity. He is a Christian,” he continued. “If he gets upset about attacks on Christianity, he never comes out (and) defends Christianity. He never, ever comes out, corrects the record about things his party says about Christians. No, he echoes them.”

Rush speaks the truth, as Obama said nothing regarding the disgusting attacks launched by the left toward Christians following a terrorist attack by a radical Muslim. Instead, he delivered yet another unwarranted and unwanted lecture about how Americans are hateful bigots and must be more tolerant of people who wish to behead and murder them.

He also launched yet another attack on the Second Amendment, our gun rights, and due process in his incessant bid to disarm Americans in the face of increasingly violent and deadly Islamist terror attacks.

None of this should be a surprise to anybody who has been paying attention for the past eight years, as it is little more than Obama’s standard fare every time there is some sort of terrorist attack or mass shooting.

source–rush, conservative tribune


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